Jun 2, 2008

Werner Herzog: The Wild Blue Yonder ( 2005)

“This is my story. Now, this is my story. I come from the outer reaches of Andromeda. Imagine planet Earth, the solar system, the milky way, your galaxy… I come from another galaxy, a blue one, way, way beyond your world. Where I come from is the wild blue yonder.”

The wild blue yonder, an aquatic planet in Andromeda is dead, and the alien narrator (Brad Dourif), one of his residents who fled to earth and salvation, tell us the chronicle of this death, his specie’s journey and failures, and finally the chronicles of human failures and our specie’s death.

This science fiction, pseudo-documentary film keeps in line with Herzog’s insistent point of view in aesthetic, ideological and historical aspects. The human being, trapped into its egoistic shell, is driven by ambition and desires which defy natural order; this is expressed into a society that either crushes the individual or, in the case of Yonder, flirts with self destruction. A heavy criticizer of modern civilization, Herzog insists in an anti-humanist viewpoint that finally turns out to be a cry for human reconciliation with nature.

The film uses original footage by the 1989 STS-34 Atlantis space shuttle mission and Henry Kaiser’s diving expedition in Antarctica, footage that Herzog’s filming ability manages to transform into an impressionistic vision; this, along with Ernst Reijseger’s excellent music score (and Mola Sylla’s striking vocals) creates an exceptional aesthetic result, fully aligned with Herzog’s previews works.

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