May 21, 2011

SHRUG "Septober Octember No Wonder" (UK, 1989)

Formed in 1985 in Middlesbrough by Robert Nichols and Richard PinkSHRUG have been mainly a live band known for their unsual gigs with three drummers, funny costumes, masks... Their first releases were the 12'' "Neville Wanless EP" (1988) , and the album "Septober, Octember, NoWonder" (1989). In 90's they recorded only some singles, but the band remained active and recently a new EP "Shrug... In A Quango" (2008) appeared. SHRUG's music combines the sharp punk/post punk attitude with garage influences; the social descriptions with strange lyrics and  psych-inspired themes.

Septober Octember No Wonder   

May 8, 2011

NITS " Quest " (Netherlands, 1995)


QUEST is a rare-material (b-sides, alternative takes, unreleased tracks) bonus disc included in the limited box-set edition of their 1995 best of, "NEST". To tell the truth, it holds no great unknowns, no surprises -it's mainly for the devotees. What it says, more or less, is what you 've already known from the proper albums of NITS:  One and only dutch band back in '80-'90 was able to lay the bridge between avant art and the wide pop audiences so enduringly.

NITS Tear Falls