Dec 24, 2010

COLIN LLOYD TUCKER: The Man Behind The Tide

Colin Lloyd Tucker performs and writes music since late seventies. He is not unknown in music industry, although his art is odd enough to keep him in a distant sight. Initially singer/composer of the new-wavers Plain Characters, and The Gadgets, he participates to the first three albums of the lattest, and in the meanwhile forms, along with Simon Turner, the french girls (!!) duo of Deux Filles. Deux Filles make two avant-ambient-instrumental albums before their transformation to the also short-lived Jeremy's Secret.
When, in mid-eighties, Colin goes solo, his music reveals clearer its love for the pop-rock of seventies and a relation with artists such as David Bowie and Peter Hammill.  These  years his output includes releases as "Toybox" (1984, lp made much earlier), "Mind Box" (12'', 1986) and "Head" (mini lp, 1987).

First half of nineties is a quite creative period. Colin finishes and releases on Humbug Records the full album "Remarkable" (1990) and extends his collaboration with Paddy Bush (brother of Kate Bush) to the Bushtucker project.
Fruit  of this collaboration is the album "Skyscraping"(1993), a combination of songwriting, texture and sampling, an ambitious but positive world-art -rock attempt.
Next solo release is "Songs Of Life, Love And Liquid"(1995), more ordinary than previous efforts, marked by Colin's moving to an island off the coast, in the North Sea. The album is out on Humbug again and it is followed by a long "silent" period with some unrealised recording plans and very rare public performances.
"Fear Of  Flying" album breaks finally the silence in 2004 and since then, up to his new pre-announced  work "Inner Nutshell", some more stuff discreetly comes  out. Constantly unpredictable and off the publicity radar Colin Lloyd Tucker continues making new music.

Colin (left) and Paddy Bush during the making of Skyscraping album
[photo taken by Tucker's site]

The LaFolieDuJour introduction to Colin Lloyd Tucker music.

01 Bodorgan (1980)
(from The Gadgets "Love Curiosity Freckles And Doubt")
02 Not For Resale (1981)
(from Plain Characters "Invisible Yearnings")
03 Long Empty Train (1983)
(from The Gadgets "Blue Album")
04 She Slides (1982)
(from Deux Filles "Silence and Wisdom")
05 Our English Friends ( 1983)
(from Deux Filles "Double Hapiness")
06 The Ultimate Act Of Love (1986)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Mind Box")
07 Use It (1986)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Mind Box")
08 Don't Crack My Dreams (1987)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Head")
09 A Remarkable Girl (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
10 Big Brass Band (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
11 House On The Hill (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
12 Remarkable Reprise (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
13 Love Bombs (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
14 Transmission Moon (1994)
(from Bushtucker "Skyscraping")

Colin Lloyd Tucker

Dec 19, 2010

Electric Black Shadow Goes To The Sun

Run Paint Run Run

...desolated is now the desert..

Dec 16, 2010


In Lucien Dubuis music the gap between rock, jazz, improvisation is often rather small. Accompanied by constable forces Roman Nowka (bass), Lionel Friedli (drums), plus special guests as Marc Ribot -a major Dubuis influence- the swiss reedman (alto sax, bass and contrabass clarinets) creates powerful sounds with funk solidity, rock sharpness and impro freedom... not far from the wild Knitting Factory zone, a kind of modern no-wave/noir jazz that stands easily very entertaining and challenging among the genres.

LUCIEN DUBUIS TRIO - bal les masques (from "Tovorak", 2005)

Lucien Dubuis [12 selections, 1 hour - compiled by LFDJ]

Lucien Dubuis Trio "Sumo" (2001)
Lucien Dubuis' Old School Quartet (2003)
Dubuis - Studer " 'Avec les pouces' Madame Chili" (2004)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Tovorak" (2005)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Le Retour" (2007)
Lucien Dubuis Trio + Marc Ribot "Ultime Cosmos" (2009)

Dec 5, 2010

V.A. A Wicked Good Time! (US)

A 1981 release from Boston's Modern Method label comprising local punk, indie, avant-postpunk acts. Rare and obscure stuff, some time-resistant, some not. Gems from Boys Life, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, Bound And Gagged, Loners and others... Bosstown's always got the way to keep our ears busy!

A Wicked Good Time (13 bands - 17 tracks)