Apr 29, 2009

PETER JEFFERIES " A Chorus Of Interludes " (NZ, 1996)

AJAX Records release including compilation tracks, singles, collaborations and rarities from 'La Folie' favourite kiwi artist, Peter Jefferies.


A Chorus Of Interludes

FETUS PRODUCTIONS "Luminous Trails" (NZ, 1985)

JED TOWN's uncomfortable, nightmarish, but subliminally attractive structures of industrial mess and pop ugliness.

For JED TOWN and FETUS PRODUCTIONS see also my previous note on FETALMANIA

(10 tracks, approx 38 min)

Apr 27, 2009

BILL DIREEN: Buildings on a velvet land

Poet, author, playwright, and perhaps the greatest less discovered songwriter of NZ's diy culture, BILL DIREEN is responsible for some of the most important episodes of early lo-fi days. His '80 - '84 works - under various monikers (Builders, Bilders, Die Bilder, Bilderine, Soluble Fish, Urbs...) - spirited by haunted velvet psych visions and kiwish post punk rawness, place him at equal height to JEFFERIES bros, ALASTAIR GALBRAITH, CHRIS KNOX, SANDRA BELL...

The introductory compilation, we prepared here, includes selections from:
"Six Impossible Things", 7'', 1981
BILDERS - "Soloman's Ball", 7'', 1981
DIE BILDER - "Schwimmen In Der See", 7'', 1981
BUILDERS - "Beati/en Hearts", LP, 1983
BILDERINE - "Split Seconds", LP, 1984

Musicians : Bill Direen (voc, lyrics, composition, piano, guitars, percussion etc), Malcolm Grant (drums), Campbell Mclay (bass), Peter Stapleton (drums), Allen Meek (keyboards)... and also Steven Cogle, Maryrose Crook, Liz Silver, Lisa Siegel, Hamish Kilgour, Tony O'Blaney, Alec Bathgate, Chris Knox and others...

*Some of the material derives from 90's Flying Nun reissues.
For a complete discography see here.

(22 tracks, approx 70 min)

Apr 22, 2009

V.A. Australian Compilations vol 1

20 tiny & very tiny lights on the australian post punk map.

1.IDIOM FLESH holiday ( 1982)
2.SYSTEMATICS bovine (1982 )
3.PROD a brick short (1981)
4.EST red tv (1980)
5.VIA VENETO empty (1981)
6.MORAL FIBRO take a walk in the sun (1982)
7.THE SAME in the door (1981)
8.WILD WEST chinchilla (1981)
9.THE GOAT THAT WENT OM pirate song (1980-81)
10.MOVING PARTS heart of darkness (1980)
11.SLUGFUCKERS tricked you! (1981)
12.BRRR COLD turtle maestros (1981)
13.METRONOMES sunday morning (1980)
14.THE LIMB ghost train (1981)
15.MAESTROS & DIPSOS heart and tongue
16.HEIGHT/DISMAY the tinning test (1980)
17.SUNDAY PAINTERS be objective (1982)
18.SCAPA FLOW the end (1980)
19.MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST zebra crossing (1981)
20.SCATTERED ORDER it's our friends that kill us ( 1984 )

compiled by
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Apr 20, 2009

V. A. " Einigen Wir Uns Auf Die Zukunft " (GER, 1997)

The towards-the-end-of-the-century german post rock/experimental/electronic/abstract scene according to indie labels: Kitty Yo, Payola and Kollapse.
First class bands like Tied & Tickled Trio, Tarwater, Kante, Kammerflimmer Kollektiv... but most of the rest sound also fine.

Einigen Wir Uns Auf Die Zukunft
(14 tracks, approx 63 min)

Apr 17, 2009

CHRIS NEWMAN " New Songs Of Social Conscience / Six Sick Songs/ London "

"...singing the songs i do not try to be a singer but rather a singing self..."

Songs of social conscience. Songs occured with no preconception as to what they are "meant" to sound like. Songs made of the "not exceptional", grabbed from the bare, uncensored revelation of everyday material...

Chris Newman is a London born artist. He has studied music theatre with great Mauricio Kagel in Cologne. He is also a poet, an author, a visual artist...

The album consists of 14 compositions derived from 1984 (Six Sick Songs), 1990 (New Songs Of Social Conscience) and 1992 (London). Recorded in 1998 in Berlin.

CHRIS NEWMAN - composition, voice, lyrics
MICHAEL FINNISSY - piano, vocals


Apr 14, 2009

SUSSAN DEYHIM & RICHARD HOROWITZ "Desert Equations: Azax Attra" (1986)

MTM Vol. 08

The collaboration between electronic/world music fusionist Richard Horowitz and the incredible Iranian vocalist Sussan Deyhim is one of the cult classics of Made To Measure series. Written for the opera performance "Azax Attra", which premiered in 1985 in NY and toured internationally.
A landmark in both musicians career and very influential for the evolution of world fusion genre...
Posted here by request

Desert Equations
(8 tracks, approx 41 min)

Apr 13, 2009


Four-track EP released from M Squared in 1982. One of the incredible avant-art operations, these haunted-soundscape makers tried in the heart of ambient/electronic/industrial/acousmatic experimentalism.
If there is much interest, a 'La Folie' made summary of their other works might follow.

Peter Richardson (piano, keyboards), Gregg Addison (guitar), Tim Schultz (sax, bongos), Shane Fahey (synths, loops), Steve Couri (performer).

Apr 12, 2009

The sonic investigations of ESSENDON AIRPORT (AUS)

Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial

ESSENDON AIRPORT formed in 1978 in Melbourne. They began as a duo (Robert Goodge - guitar, electronics - David Chesworth - electric piano, drum machine etc.), releasing "Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial", a minimal, instrumental EP which was enough to place them near no other australian post punk band, somewhere between Young Marble Giants and electronica's future.
A two-track single with Anne Cessna (Anne Sanger) on lyrics and vocals followed in 1980. The addition of Paul Fletcher (drums) and Ian Cox (sax), turned them into a four piece band. As a quartet they made the LP "Palimpsest" (1982), a work much different from previous output, funkier, closer to the 'no wave' standards of the era.
ESSENDON AIRPORT paused activities in 1983... but 2002's reissue of their early material caused little new noise about the band, so ESSENDON AIRPORT came back, playing some gigs and working on new stuff.

ESSENDON AIRPORT & ANNE CESSNA - Talking To Cleopatra / Lost In Madagascar, 7'', 1980

ESSENDON AIRPORT - wallpaper music (from "Sonic Investigations..." EP, 1979)

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Apr 9, 2009

IVOR CUTLER & LINDA HIRST " Privilege " (UK, 1983)

[Country Door]
a man knocks on a tree /
the tree opens the door / the man walks inside and the door shuts / my father was like that / he 'd walk into the country and knock on a tree

The Scotch poet, comedian, storyteller, songwriter, Ivor Cutler (1923 - 2006) recites and sings his idiosyncratic, eccentric and humorous lyrics, accompanied by vocalist Linda Hirst. Produced by David Toop and Steve Beresford, "PRIVILEGE" is the first of his Rough Trade releases. Instrumentation - quite rich for Cutler's standards - includes keyboards, euphonium, banjo, alto flute... "Women of the world", the indie hit of the album, released as a 7'' single and been covered by Jim O' Rourke on his "Eureka" LP (1999)

Women Of The World / Counting Song, 7'', 1983

BELLE DU SOIR " Selftitled EP " (AUS, 1981)

provided by Koroviov

early 80's psychedelic/post-punk aussie firework. Lo-energy garage, short ideas, haunted moments, buried words, girl vocals.

Apr 8, 2009

MACHINATIONS " Average Inadequacy / Arabia " , 7'', (AUS, 1980)

One of the earliest releases of later well known Sydney pop band.
"Average Inadequacy" can be found in many compilations. Another single version accompanied by the track "Machinations of Dance" released in 1982 from White Label Records. This one released from Phantom Records with b-side track "Arabia".

Average Inadequacy

SARDINE V " Sabotage / Sudan", 7'', (AUS, 1982)

Sydney new wave/pop outfit consisted of musicians having played with more famous bands. Core of the band were Ian Rilen (X, Rose Tattoo), Phil Hall (Dropbears, Lime Spiders) and keyboard player and singer Stephanie Rilen. Active the period 1980-83. They also made the mini LP "I Hate You" (1983). Songs of theirs covered by Hunters & Collectors and The Deadly Hume.

Apr 7, 2009

THE DEADLY HUME "Passenger Blues", 7'', (AUS, 1986)

Formed circa 1985 in Sydney. Took their name from Hume Highway. Their first recordings -"Basement Tapes" - released on a (very rare now) 12'' called "Starving Whipped!".
"Passenger Blues", their debut 7'' release, comprises two very good songs in the great tradition of australian alternative blues.
They also made the LP "Me Grandma, Iliko & Hilarian" (i think you can find it in the web), the mini LP "Lonely Mr. Happy"(1988) and some more singles...

Passenger Blues / Bed As Big As A Boat

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WET TAXIS "C'mon / Clock On TheWall", 7'', (AUS, 1984)

Aussie avant-blues master, Louis Tillett, in some psych-garagy sins with his early outfit. Active till 1987, WET TAXIS remained finally in the shadow of Tillett's brighter soloing days.

C'mon / Clock on the wall, 7''

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EQUAL LOCAL "Madagascar", EP, (AUS, 1981)

three synth-jazz-lounge-exotic-noir themes are searching for movie...

Apr 5, 2009


Colour In, EP, 1979

Advanced Colouring, EP, 1981

i Luv Trumpet, EP, 1983

Australian post-punk band with girl (mostly) vocals and acoustic/twee pop inclinations, finely aired through mellow sunny sounds, diy brief ways and...gracious melancholia.

Formed in 1977 by Peter Williams (guitar, voc) and Mick Smith (bass) and they went through many line up changes. Singer Astrid Spielman added in 1979, Mick left in 1982... and the band lasted up to 1985. Members of them joined The Lighthouse Keepers, and The Cannanes.

The Particles - 3 EPs
(9 tracks, approx 25 min)

Apr 3, 2009

Apres Les Traces Des Loups Blancs

L to R: Richard, Meillier, Chenevier

Today's post presents some outfits formed by ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN musicians: Bruno Meillier, Guigou Chenevier, Ferdinard Richard.

Saxophonist Bruno Meillier, founding member of LES I (1979-85), played with Etron Fou the period 1981 - 83. In 1984 he formed along with Etron Fou`s bassist FERDINARD RICHARD the duo BRUNIFERD, active up to 1998.
Bruno's collaboration with Curlew's guitarist Martin Howell created, under moniker ZERO POP, an interesting combination of songforms and mild free/experimental ways influenced by both european prog/ jazz and NY's avant-art atmosphere.
Meillier has also released solo works and participated to numerous projects and collaborations (with Pierre Bastien, Toshimaru Nakamura and others).

Etron Fou's co-founder Guigou Chenevier (composition, drums, voice, saxophone) has released many solo works and among his most significant contributions are those with VIDEO AVENTURES, LES BATTERIES (with Rick Brown, Charles Hayward...)... and most recently with VOLAPUK.

VOLAPUK (Guigou on the right)
(photo taken by allaboutjazz.com)

BRUNIFERD - Un Putch Kitch, 1991
(at low bitrate)

VOLAPUK - Polyglot, 2000

LES BATTERIES - Demesure Revolutionnaire, 1986
(at low bitrate)

Note: we remind that music linked here is given for informational purposes only and it may be in inferior quality than original copies..