Apr 7, 2012

Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen "The Ugly Truth" (1993)

A CD release on the german limited-edition series Return To Sender, (sub-label of Normal Records and distributed via mail only), "The Ugly Truth" can work, for newcomers, as a very good and finely performed introduction to the lyrical, bluesy world of Louis Tillett. Oldcomers though, or ones who have missed some earlier episodes will find here interesting new material along with refreshing alternate versions of tracks from his first works.
The album was recorded in Australia in 1993 with Louis on piano, hammond, voice, percussion and Charlie  Owen (guitarist in Beasts Of Burbon, New Christs and others) on production, guitar and percussion. Tillett is a little known, perhaps, in Greece, Germany and, i guess, Australia, but the ugly truth is he generally remains an unjustly neglected  artist.

Louis Tillett - An Ancient Song (live, 1999)
(from "Live @ The Basement", Return To Sender, 2001)