Jan 21, 2012

Australian Compilations Vol.5

The fifth part of LaFolieDuJour tribute to australian acts.

Severed Heads in flesh (v.a. Live At The Wireless, ep, 1983)
Birds Of Tin Slothy tank (ep, 1981)
Wreckery bending the bars ("Laying Down Law", 1988)
The Moodists chatter shapes ("Engine Shudder", 1983)
Naked Lunch teenage blues ("Little Too Late", single, 1986)
Crystal Set drop in the ocean (single, 1985)
Bo-Weevils illusions ("Where Particular People Congregate",1989)
Pray TV where do i get off ("Swingers Paradise", 1994)
Celibate Rifles back on the corner ("On The Quiet", 1996)
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists sea anemone ("Essence", 1991)
Tendrils Hands are tied ("Soaking Red", 1998)
My Friend The Chocolate Cake algeria ("Good Luck", 1996)
Jackson Code do you feel the pull ("Things you need", 1995)
Steve Kilbey shell ("This Asphalt Eden", single, 1985)
Not Drowning, Waving another pond ("Another Pond", 1984)

Volume 5