Nov 13, 2012

Spun Out Of Time: 80s-90s Italian Psych

Artifacts from the 80s and 90s italian garage revival & psychedelic scene. A LFDJ compilation including -as usual- some rare or obscure stuff.

01 Acid Flowers Sancho Panza
(from "Lucifer's Friends", v/a, 1987)
02 Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party apples & oranges
("Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party", 1987)
03 Effervescent Elephants something to say
("Something To Say", 1987)
04 Birdmen Of Alkatraz dreamin' demon
("Glidin' Off", 1987)
05 Head & The Hares i think i'm going insane
("Head & The Hares", 1993)
06 King Holiday & The Shadowmen the king is back
("Lucifer's Friends", v/a, 1987)
07 The Backwards portrait (of an unbalanced mind)
("Eerie Thoughts Collection", 1990)
08 Not Moving baron samedi
("Strange dolls", 7'', 1982)
09 Birdmen Of Alkatraz sea of shadows
("From The Birdcage", 1989)
10 Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party too much time
("To Make A Romance Out Of Swiftness", 1989)
11 Head & The Hares one against the world
("Autumn Songbook", 1998)
12 The Backwards she stared at her own feet
("Eerie Thoughts Collection", 1990)
13 Kim Squad & Dinah Shore Zeekapers macaibo
("Young Bastards", 1987)
14 No Strange scopro le carte
("L'Universo", 1987)
15 Gli Avvoltoi giardino dei fiori
("Il Nostro E Solo Un Mondo Beat", 1988)
16 Steeplejack and you walked away
("Pow Wow", 1988)
17 Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party peter sellers
("Swiftness EP", 1989 )

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Listen here

Nov 6, 2012

Repost: NYAM NYAM "Hope of Heaven" (UK, 1984)

Perhaps they are mostly remembered nowadays for the single "Fate/Hate" they cut for the famous Factory (Benelux) label in 1984, Nyam Nyam`s though best argument against oblivion is the great LP "Hope of heaven" they released in same year on Beggars Banquet indie branch Situation Two.
Nyam Nyam`s melodic post punk knows here some fine piano driven acoustic moments, others tracks though have an experimental approach, especially the closing song "The Resolution" which moves, unexpectedly, their new wave romantism toward a haunted folkish land.

Nyam Nyam had one more Situation Two release: the EP "The Architect "(1985). After that they probably disappeared.

Update 2012: "Hope Of Heaven" (+ singles) has been reissued!