Oct 17, 2010

The Austrian Avant-Art Cuisine of DIE KNÖDEL

Die Knödel was an austrian ensemble, formed by Christof Dienz, active the period 1992 - 2000.  Basis of their music is the rich classical heritage and the traditional folk past of their country. Die Knödel's post-modern approach involves also jazz, mild avant garde, world folk influences, cinematic atmosphere, and overall offers an acoustic avant-art fusion exiting to romantic landscapes, imaginary dancehalls, fairytale lands, and yet images of contemporary life often humorously viewed.

Christof Dienz (basson, dulcimer and most of composing), Alexandra Dienz (bass, hammered dulcimer, voice), Margret Koll (harp), Cathi Aglibut (viola, voice), Julia Fiegl (violin , voice), Walter Seebacher (clarinets, hammered dulcimer), Michael Ottl (guitar, voice), Andreas Lackner (bass, flugelhorn, trumpet, voice).
"Verkochte Tiroler" (1993)
"Die Noodle!" (1995)
"Panorama" (1995) ...interpretations on works of various composers
"Der Unfisch" (1997) ...film soundtrack
Die Knödel with Amy Denio:
"Non Lo So, Polo" (1998) ...Marko Polo's travel as a folk opera

Die Knödel walzer (from "Verkochte Tiroler")

La Folie Du Jour selects music from Die Knödel albums:

DIE KNÖDEL (16 tracks)

Oct 14, 2010

NURSES " Hearts / Cardiac Arrest " (US, 1979)

Hearts / Cardiac Arrest, 7'' single, (Round Raoul Records, 1979)

Nurses were a pop punk band from Washington D.C., active the period 1978-81.Their output comprises cassettes with live & studio recordings, singles and appearances on era's compilations. Nurses songs reflect the changing of 70's american power pop into 80's garagy revival sound.
Mainman, bassist-singer Howard Wuelfing has played as well with Afrika Korps, Slickee Boys, Half Japanese, Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation... but he 's rather more known as a  rock critic.


Oct 10, 2010

MINERS OF MUZO "Sandman" EP (HOL, 1988)

Miners Of Muzo was among the remarkable dutch garage rock bands in 80's and early 90's. Most of their music has released on alternative dutch label Eksakt Records and german psych-revival label Music Maniac.  This 3-track EP "Sandman" comes from their best period, when they recorded the full album "Make My Day"
The band has been back in action and if you visit their site minersofmuzo.com you can have a listen to their recent material.

Oct 5, 2010

TEO MACERO " Teo " (US, 1980)

"TEO" is the historical second release of Kip Hanrahan's label American Clave. Hanrahan throws, here, the lights towards the pure artistic but less known side of the man who was, as a producer, behind the making of some of the most popular works in jazz history ("Kind Of Blue", "Bitches Brew" and numerous others). The several eras  material, the variety of styles and collaborations, along with the playing, composing, and arranging skills of TEO MACERO (1925 - 2008) make this collection a good listen for the friends of eclectic jazz sounds.

TEO (12 tracks, 37min)

DIFONDO "Habitat" (ITA, 2010)

Italian experimentalists DIFONDO continue their explorations in electroacoustics! Their new work "Habitat" is available for free downloading through My Space

Oct 1, 2010

FOTE "Perfect Sense" + "Shaking The House" (1981)

British musician Robert Haigh has released since 80's a diverse series of  musics with origins to piano minimalism, ambient, avant-electronics, ritual music, experimentalism...
His early obscure years comprise eponymous solo works,  and also several collaborations and disguises under bandnames as  Sema, Truth Club, Fote, and others... 

Fote - "Perfect Sense" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Fote was a Haigh's experimental project circa 1980-81. Line up included drummer Trevor Reidy (Nurse with Wounds, Danielle Dax, Monochrome Set...) and Deborah Harding on vocals. They released two 12'' EPs "Perfect Sense", "Shaking The House" and the Truth Club / Fote  split 7'' single "Sleight / Looking For Lost Toy".

Fote - "Shaking The House" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Wider recognition and commercial success for Robert Haigh came in 90's, when Haigh dealt both as musician (Splice, Omni Trio, etc...) and labelman (Parlament Music, Candidate Records...) with  pioneering and hardcore dance electronica, drum'n'bass, jungle... mixing his  atmospheres with breakbeats.
Recently Haigh has returned to ambient-classical piano works.