Oct 17, 2010

The Austrian Avant-Art Cuisine of DIE KNÖDEL

Die Knödel was an austrian ensemble, formed by Christof Dienz, active the period 1992 - 2000.  Basis of their music is the rich classical heritage and the traditional folk past of their country. Die Knödel's post-modern approach involves also jazz, mild avant garde, world folk influences, cinematic atmosphere, and overall offers an acoustic avant-art fusion exiting to romantic landscapes, imaginary dancehalls, fairytale lands, and yet images of contemporary life often humorously viewed.

Christof Dienz (basson, dulcimer and most of composing), Alexandra Dienz (bass, hammered dulcimer, voice), Margret Koll (harp), Cathi Aglibut (viola, voice), Julia Fiegl (violin , voice), Walter Seebacher (clarinets, hammered dulcimer), Michael Ottl (guitar, voice), Andreas Lackner (bass, flugelhorn, trumpet, voice).
"Verkochte Tiroler" (1993)
"Die Noodle!" (1995)
"Panorama" (1995) ...interpretations on works of various composers
"Der Unfisch" (1997) ...film soundtrack
Die Knödel with Amy Denio:
"Non Lo So, Polo" (1998) ...Marko Polo's travel as a folk opera

Die Knödel walzer (from "Verkochte Tiroler")

La Folie Du Jour selects music from Die Knödel albums:

DIE KNÖDEL (16 tracks)


vaubu said...

I have only one record by them, plus a couple with them and Amy Denio. I'm very happy to hear your selection of Die Knodel. I really like your taste in music. I have downloaded so, so much - thank you! Maybe you would like to listen to a mix of music by Lou Harrison that I made?


paramo said...

your kind present comes in the right time, vaubu. It sounds like it works for season's awakening.