Nov 4, 2010

V.A. He Didn't Even Draw A Fish On My Shower Curtain (GER,1992)

Limited Mermaid Records (Germany) CD compilation with a A5 size booklet. 22 small bands carrying the amateurism spirit in early nineties. Indie popers, psych popers, lo-fi janglers, humorists, obscurities armed  with tiny melodies and innocense continue the never ending (for them) story of sixties and early eighties.Television Personalities and Deep Freeze Mice are main influences here.

Listen Here


Andy Tithesis said...

This album is great... but then everything on your blog is. Rad karma sir. I could never express how much some of the music you've given to me means to me. Beyond thank you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please update the link for this compilation sometime? Thanks. Tinsel Heart.