Nov 9, 2010

Alan Jenkins and The Creams

 The Creams
(photo taken from Cordelia Records site)

The Creams represent the main chapter of Alan Jenkins music activities in nineties. Deep Freeze Mice have split up in 1989, and Jenkins collaboration with Terry Burrows (a.k.a. Yukio Yung) under moniker The Crysanthemums, becomes as well history in 1991, after five very creative years. In the meanwhile Alan participates to short-lived band Ruth's Refrigerator (1990-91) and makes with them two very good albums. Afterwards Alan together with future -and now ex- wife Blodwyn P. Teabag form THE CREAMS (initially Jody And The Creams). Soon they become a six-piece, then a three-piece and later a four-piece, and these two-six-three-four pieces Creams record overall no less than 8 works, plus two really very limited live CDs which are given to no more than 8 people so let's say -Alan says so- that these latter two don't count.

The Creams:
Alan Jenkins: guitars, singing - Blodwyn P. Teabag: keys, accordion etc. - Robyn Gibson: drums, etc. - Alison Mackinder: violin, singing - Vladimir Zajkoweicz: bass - Peter Pengwyn: keys, singing - Howard Fairey: bass, singing

Jody And The Creams - A Big Dog.N
Jody And The Creams - Lords Of The Gromet Canning Factory
Alan Jenkins and Creams - ie
The Creams - Creams and Nico
The Creams - Pluto
The Creams - Malcolm
The Creams - Are you real or just some sort of disgusting fridge magnet (live)
The Creams - The all night bookman 


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Many thanks for the 2 albums. Would love to hear more, if you have any.

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