Dec 24, 2010

COLIN LLOYD TUCKER: The Man Behind The Tide

Colin Lloyd Tucker performs and writes music since late seventies. He is not unknown in music industry, although his art is odd enough to keep him in a distant sight. Initially singer/composer of the new-wavers Plain Characters, and The Gadgets, he participates to the first three albums of the lattest, and in the meanwhile forms, along with Simon Turner, the french girls (!!) duo of Deux Filles. Deux Filles make two avant-ambient-instrumental albums before their transformation to the also short-lived Jeremy's Secret.
When, in mid-eighties, Colin goes solo, his music reveals clearer its love for the pop-rock of seventies and a relation with artists such as David Bowie and Peter Hammill.  These  years his output includes releases as "Toybox" (1984, lp made much earlier), "Mind Box" (12'', 1986) and "Head" (mini lp, 1987).

First half of nineties is a quite creative period. Colin finishes and releases on Humbug Records the full album "Remarkable" (1990) and extends his collaboration with Paddy Bush (brother of Kate Bush) to the Bushtucker project.
Fruit  of this collaboration is the album "Skyscraping"(1993), a combination of songwriting, texture and sampling, an ambitious but positive world-art -rock attempt.
Next solo release is "Songs Of Life, Love And Liquid"(1995), more ordinary than previous efforts, marked by Colin's moving to an island off the coast, in the North Sea. The album is out on Humbug again and it is followed by a long "silent" period with some unrealised recording plans and very rare public performances.
"Fear Of  Flying" album breaks finally the silence in 2004 and since then, up to his new pre-announced  work "Inner Nutshell", some more stuff discreetly comes  out. Constantly unpredictable and off the publicity radar Colin Lloyd Tucker continues making new music.

Colin (left) and Paddy Bush during the making of Skyscraping album
[photo taken by Tucker's site]

The LaFolieDuJour introduction to Colin Lloyd Tucker music.

01 Bodorgan (1980)
(from The Gadgets "Love Curiosity Freckles And Doubt")
02 Not For Resale (1981)
(from Plain Characters "Invisible Yearnings")
03 Long Empty Train (1983)
(from The Gadgets "Blue Album")
04 She Slides (1982)
(from Deux Filles "Silence and Wisdom")
05 Our English Friends ( 1983)
(from Deux Filles "Double Hapiness")
06 The Ultimate Act Of Love (1986)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Mind Box")
07 Use It (1986)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Mind Box")
08 Don't Crack My Dreams (1987)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Head")
09 A Remarkable Girl (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
10 Big Brass Band (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
11 House On The Hill (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
12 Remarkable Reprise (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
13 Love Bombs (1990)
(from C Lloyd Tucker "Remarkable")
14 Transmission Moon (1994)
(from Bushtucker "Skyscraping")

Colin Lloyd Tucker

Dec 19, 2010

Electric Black Shadow Goes To The Sun

Run Paint Run Run

...desolated is now the desert..

Dec 16, 2010


In Lucien Dubuis music the gap between rock, jazz, improvisation is often rather small. Accompanied by constable forces Roman Nowka (bass), Lionel Friedli (drums), plus special guests as Marc Ribot -a major Dubuis influence- the swiss reedman (alto sax, bass and contrabass clarinets) creates powerful sounds with funk solidity, rock sharpness and impro freedom... not far from the wild Knitting Factory zone, a kind of modern no-wave/noir jazz that stands easily very entertaining and challenging among the genres.

LUCIEN DUBUIS TRIO - bal les masques (from "Tovorak", 2005)

Lucien Dubuis [12 selections, 1 hour - compiled by LFDJ]

Lucien Dubuis Trio "Sumo" (2001)
Lucien Dubuis' Old School Quartet (2003)
Dubuis - Studer " 'Avec les pouces' Madame Chili" (2004)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Tovorak" (2005)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Le Retour" (2007)
Lucien Dubuis Trio + Marc Ribot "Ultime Cosmos" (2009)

Dec 5, 2010

V.A. A Wicked Good Time! (US)

A 1981 release from Boston's Modern Method label comprising local punk, indie, avant-postpunk acts. Rare and obscure stuff, some time-resistant, some not. Gems from Boys Life, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, Bound And Gagged, Loners and others... Bosstown's always got the way to keep our ears busy!

A Wicked Good Time (13 bands - 17 tracks)

Nov 28, 2010


Scientific Americans is one more nearly forgotten band of the post-punk era. Hailed from Massachusetts, they were developed musically next to the no-wave situation, influenced as well by bands as Suicide, Devo... After the first punkish recordings,''Beyond Rational Thought"(7'', 1979), their sound went more electronic, minimal pop and dub, without loosing its initial primitive, homemade, underground heart. Their "Load And Go!" cassette was released in 1983 on the legendary ROIR label. Other works of theirs, the one-sided flexi "Beyond Fiscal Distress" (Tekno Tunes,1980), a split flexi-disc with Graig Anderton (a release of Op Magazine), another cassette called "Some Dumb F**ks" (circa 1981)... Lots of unreleased and never performed live material has been also created before or after the end of the band by Sean Elias and Graig O'Donnell,  who (along with Jim Whittemore) were the long-run members of Scientific Americans.

More about Sc Ams, told by the members themselves, at:

Load And Go!
Beyond Fiscal Distress

Nov 21, 2010

Producing The Future: Adrian Sherwood & his On-U Sound label

 Adrian Sherwood

 On-U artists circa 1993 [photo from skysaw site]

 Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound is one of the most influential labels in the field where the mixing and producing technologies meet music. Sherwood's productions, marked by the heavy use of dub techniques (echo sounding, samples, effects) have created since 1981 (and especially for the first 10-15 years) a unique space of pioneering flavours backgrounded in post-punk, reggae, industrial, funk, dance, spoken word, experimental music. The huge influence of On-U can be detected in many music scenes and movements in previous decades, even in contemporary genres ranging from ambient, hip hop, house and dubstep to electronic jazz and world music.

Joining the celebration for the 30th Anniversary of On-U Sound label (1981-2011), LaFolieDuJour selects essential On-U productions:

01 African Head Charge Free chant (1990)
02 Noah House Of Dread Wicked Kingdom (1982)
03 New Age Steppers Animal space (1981)
04 Judy Nylon Room without a view (1982)
05 Mothmen factory/teapoint/factory (1981)
06 Revolutionary Dub Warriors creation (1996)
07 Annie Anxiety sad shadows (1984, corpus christi)
08 African Head Charge healing father (1990)
09 London Underground Animosity (1983)
10 Headley Bennett little dove (1982)
11 Dub Syndicate haunting ground (1986)
12 2 Badcard rock to sleep (1995)
13 Little Annie le manger hereux (1994)
14 Bim Sherman can i be free from crying (1996)
15 Singers and Players revolution (1982)
16 Creation Rebel space movement section 2 (orig.1980, 1981 on-u)

On-U Sound

compiled by semilunio + paramo

LONDON UNDERGROUND "Watching West Indians In The Cold" (UK, 1982)


London Underground has been connected with the beginning of On-U Sound label. Their "Learn A Language" track was the B-side of On-U's debut release, a split 7'' single with New Age Steppers ("Fade Away" / "Learn  A Language"). The band, active the first half of the decade, developed a kind of white reggae-dub sound with influences from the avant-funk and alternative-dance air of post-punk era. Constant members were Martin Frederix (bass, guitar, vocals), Dan Sheals(drums), Kendall Ernest (bass) and On-U cofounder Pete Holdsworth (vocals), who later involved with reggae labels 'Pressure Sounds' and 'Green Tea'.
Following their second single "Train Of Thought" (1981), the three-track 10'' EP "Watching West Indians In The Cold", (fourth in the "On-U Disco Plates" series) is the step forward for the band ,as well the predecessor of their 1983 releases, "At Home With London Underground" (LP) , "Current Affairs Session" (mini-LP) and "Between The Lines" (7" single), which consist the main works of London Underground and also the last, as the band finished soon after.

DEADLY HEADLEY "35 Years From Alpha" (UK, 1982)

This On-U Sound release is an Adrian Sherwood's  tribute to Jamaican understated saxophonist Headley Bennett -a.k.a. Deadly Headly- who although had been involved since 50's in  the making of a great number of important reggae, ska, etc. recordings, had always remained a 'tiny-letter' session musician with nearly no records at all credited to him. In early eighties when Headley was touring in England with Prince Far I's band and also involving with UK reggae acts Creation Rebel, Adrian Sherwood got the opportunity to make this "35 Years From Alpha" album which is based on Headley's material recorded in England and Jamaica, and also includes Bim Sherman's songs and contributions from Creation Rebel members and other constant On-U Sound associates. Album title refers to Alpha School in Kingston, Jamaica, where Headley had been studying up to the age of fifteen.

Headley Bennett - Two From Alpha

Nov 9, 2010

Alan Jenkins and The Creams

 The Creams
(photo taken from Cordelia Records site)

The Creams represent the main chapter of Alan Jenkins music activities in nineties. Deep Freeze Mice have split up in 1989, and Jenkins collaboration with Terry Burrows (a.k.a. Yukio Yung) under moniker The Crysanthemums, becomes as well history in 1991, after five very creative years. In the meanwhile Alan participates to short-lived band Ruth's Refrigerator (1990-91) and makes with them two very good albums. Afterwards Alan together with future -and now ex- wife Blodwyn P. Teabag form THE CREAMS (initially Jody And The Creams). Soon they become a six-piece, then a three-piece and later a four-piece, and these two-six-three-four pieces Creams record overall no less than 8 works, plus two really very limited live CDs which are given to no more than 8 people so let's say -Alan says so- that these latter two don't count.

The Creams:
Alan Jenkins: guitars, singing - Blodwyn P. Teabag: keys, accordion etc. - Robyn Gibson: drums, etc. - Alison Mackinder: violin, singing - Vladimir Zajkoweicz: bass - Peter Pengwyn: keys, singing - Howard Fairey: bass, singing

Jody And The Creams - A Big Dog.N
Jody And The Creams - Lords Of The Gromet Canning Factory
Alan Jenkins and Creams - ie
The Creams - Creams and Nico
The Creams - Pluto
The Creams - Malcolm
The Creams - Are you real or just some sort of disgusting fridge magnet (live)
The Creams - The all night bookman 

Nov 6, 2010

AVANT Label: In the Constellation Of John Zorn

Japanese AVANT label was formed by John Zorn and Kazunori Sugiyama in 1992 as a home for music created by Zorn, his colleagues and yet plenty other avant-gardists, jazzmen and related artists. Part of the broad and ambitious Zorn's music plan, AVANT label reflects a spirit similar as its founder's, innovative, adventurous and subversive. Apart from labelman, composer and performer John Zorn has been involved himself in many other artists releases as a producer and although his music visions has been served since 1995, mainly by his own TZADIK label, AVANT continued offering up to the middle of the next decade exciting episodes of contemporary open-minded art, counting overall about 80 releases.

A selection of essential AVANT moments compiled by LaFolieDuJour:

WAYNE HORVITZ - FOUR PLUS ONE ENSEMBLE crispin and lisa's duet
("From A Window", 2001)
("Disco By Night", 1992)
DIM SUM CLIP JOB jive stalking
("Harmolodic Jeopardy", 1995)
JOE MANERI why don't you go away
("Paniots Nine", 1998)
SLOWPOKE sixth sense
(V.A. "In His Own Sweet Way", 2000)
CYRO BAPTISTA dansa do indio branco
("Vira-Loucos / Villa-Lobos", 1997)
("Painted Desert", 1995)
("From A Window", 2001)
DRAGON BLUE fragments realm
("Hades Park", 1998)
VIVIAN SISTERS a gift from france
("Vivian Sisters", 2001)
DAVE SOLDIER graffiti from a ninth century manuscript
("Smut", 1994)
HARRIET TUBMAN chief of police
("The Prototype", 2000)
("Live At Yoshi's", 2000)
("Music For Violin and piano", 1999)

Nov 5, 2010


Pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Anthony Coleman (born 1955) is a notable artist in New York Downtown avant-jazz scene as well as a pioneering figure of the Jewish traditional and modern jazz. Active since late 70s, Anthony Coleman has contributed on 80s albums such as "The Big Gundown", "Spillane" and other classic works which established John Zorn as an avant-garde super star. In early nineties Coleman created his first major solo work "Disco By Night" (1992). He also extended the circle of his collaborations, he wrote commissioned music and did many live appearances in free-jazz, klezmer or improvised music festivals all over US and Europe.
Among many collaborations and projects we note Coleman's work with Krakauer Trio, Glenn Branca, the duos with Roy Nathanson, his contributions on soundtrack "Camp Stories"and his own groups Sephardic Tinge, Selfhaters...The main body of his music can be found on labels Avant, Knitting Factory, Tzadik...

An introduction to Anthony Coleman:

01 Anthony Coleman, Roy Nathanson Bird-jews
("The Coming Great Millenium...", 1992)
02 Anthony Coleman Trend man 
("Disco By Night", 1992) 
03 Anthony Coleman Quando el rey nimrod
("Sephardic Tinge", 1995)
04 Sephardic Tinge Ghetto (ich bin ein marrano)
("Morenica", 1998)
05 Professionales takah
("Voices From The Wilderness", various artists, 2003) 
06 Camp Stories Camp stories opening credits
("Camp Stories", o.s.t., 1996)
07 Sephardic Tinge La cantiga del fuego 
("Morenica", 1998) 
08 Anthony Coleman Belz
("Sephardic Tinge", 1995)
09 Anthony Coleman, Roy Nathanson Sheik of avenue B
("The Coming Great Millenium...", 1992)
10 Sephardic Tinge Morenica
("Morenica", 1998)
11 Selfhaters A house is not a home
("Great Jewish Music: B. Bacharach", various artists, 1997)
12 Sephardic Tinge Youkali
("Our Beautiful Garden Is Open", 2002)
13 Camp Stories Camp Stories closing credits 
("Camp Stories", o.s.t., 1996)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Anthony Coleman Collection (approx. 1 hour)

Nov 4, 2010

V.A. He Didn't Even Draw A Fish On My Shower Curtain (GER,1992)

Limited Mermaid Records (Germany) CD compilation with a A5 size booklet. 22 small bands carrying the amateurism spirit in early nineties. Indie popers, psych popers, lo-fi janglers, humorists, obscurities armed  with tiny melodies and innocense continue the never ending (for them) story of sixties and early eighties.Television Personalities and Deep Freeze Mice are main influences here.

Listen Here

Oct 17, 2010

The Austrian Avant-Art Cuisine of DIE KNÖDEL

Die Knödel was an austrian ensemble, formed by Christof Dienz, active the period 1992 - 2000.  Basis of their music is the rich classical heritage and the traditional folk past of their country. Die Knödel's post-modern approach involves also jazz, mild avant garde, world folk influences, cinematic atmosphere, and overall offers an acoustic avant-art fusion exiting to romantic landscapes, imaginary dancehalls, fairytale lands, and yet images of contemporary life often humorously viewed.

Christof Dienz (basson, dulcimer and most of composing), Alexandra Dienz (bass, hammered dulcimer, voice), Margret Koll (harp), Cathi Aglibut (viola, voice), Julia Fiegl (violin , voice), Walter Seebacher (clarinets, hammered dulcimer), Michael Ottl (guitar, voice), Andreas Lackner (bass, flugelhorn, trumpet, voice).
"Verkochte Tiroler" (1993)
"Die Noodle!" (1995)
"Panorama" (1995) ...interpretations on works of various composers
"Der Unfisch" (1997) soundtrack
Die Knödel with Amy Denio:
"Non Lo So, Polo" (1998) ...Marko Polo's travel as a folk opera

Die Knödel walzer (from "Verkochte Tiroler")

La Folie Du Jour selects music from Die Knödel albums:

DIE KNÖDEL (16 tracks)

Oct 14, 2010

NURSES " Hearts / Cardiac Arrest " (US, 1979)

Hearts / Cardiac Arrest, 7'' single, (Round Raoul Records, 1979)

Nurses were a pop punk band from Washington D.C., active the period 1978-81.Their output comprises cassettes with live & studio recordings, singles and appearances on era's compilations. Nurses songs reflect the changing of 70's american power pop into 80's garagy revival sound.
Mainman, bassist-singer Howard Wuelfing has played as well with Afrika Korps, Slickee Boys, Half Japanese, Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation... but he 's rather more known as a  rock critic.


Oct 10, 2010

MINERS OF MUZO "Sandman" EP (HOL, 1988)

Miners Of Muzo was among the remarkable dutch garage rock bands in 80's and early 90's. Most of their music has released on alternative dutch label Eksakt Records and german psych-revival label Music Maniac.  This 3-track EP "Sandman" comes from their best period, when they recorded the full album "Make My Day"
The band has been back in action and if you visit their site you can have a listen to their recent material.

Oct 5, 2010

TEO MACERO " Teo " (US, 1980)

"TEO" is the historical second release of Kip Hanrahan's label American Clave. Hanrahan throws, here, the lights towards the pure artistic but less known side of the man who was, as a producer, behind the making of some of the most popular works in jazz history ("Kind Of Blue", "Bitches Brew" and numerous others). The several eras  material, the variety of styles and collaborations, along with the playing, composing, and arranging skills of TEO MACERO (1925 - 2008) make this collection a good listen for the friends of eclectic jazz sounds.

TEO (12 tracks, 37min)

DIFONDO "Habitat" (ITA, 2010)

Italian experimentalists DIFONDO continue their explorations in electroacoustics! Their new work "Habitat" is available for free downloading through My Space

Oct 1, 2010

FOTE "Perfect Sense" + "Shaking The House" (1981)

British musician Robert Haigh has released since 80's a diverse series of  musics with origins to piano minimalism, ambient, avant-electronics, ritual music, experimentalism...
His early obscure years comprise eponymous solo works,  and also several collaborations and disguises under bandnames as  Sema, Truth Club, Fote, and others... 

Fote - "Perfect Sense" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Fote was a Haigh's experimental project circa 1980-81. Line up included drummer Trevor Reidy (Nurse with Wounds, Danielle Dax, Monochrome Set...) and Deborah Harding on vocals. They released two 12'' EPs "Perfect Sense", "Shaking The House" and the Truth Club / Fote  split 7'' single "Sleight / Looking For Lost Toy".

Fote - "Shaking The House" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Wider recognition and commercial success for Robert Haigh came in 90's, when Haigh dealt both as musician (Splice, Omni Trio, etc...) and labelman (Parlament Music, Candidate Records...) with  pioneering and hardcore dance electronica, drum'n'bass, jungle... mixing his  atmospheres with breakbeats.
Recently Haigh has returned to ambient-classical piano works.

Sep 25, 2010

JAVIER PAXARIÑO "Perihelion" + "Temura"

Spanish wind player (flutes, clarinets, saxes...) and composer Javier Paxariño makes music based, mainly, on the traditions and the history of mediterranean civilizations. His explorations through space and time bring in light elements from cultures grown in Iberica, South Europe, North Africa, Balkans, Middle East... and fuse them in seductive world-jazz-folk forms.

 These efforts -that although don't seek a new, genuine language, they lack no originality-  reach their best with albums "Temura" (1994) and "Perihelion" (1996) , two works that demonstrate Paxariño's ability for composing clarity and imaginative arrangements, perfectly balanced between ethno-colours and modern instrumentation.
"Temura", influenced by judaic esoterica, is named after a cabbalistic technique to extract hidden meanings from the mystery of sentence. "Perihelion", on the other hand, focused on the timeless worship of light, recalls the ancient sun ceremonies of mediterranean and subsaharian lands.

Sep 18, 2010

Ali Farka Toure & Tony Coe

Ana Sefalelku

'Ana Sefalelku' is a song from the collaboration of Ali Farka Toure with english saxophonist and clarinetist Tony Coe. It appeared in the Coe's album "Les Voix d'Itxassou" (Nato, 1990). It is posted here in memory of great Ali and for the Malian friends who have asked to listen to it...

Sep 10, 2010

The JazzWorld of The ACT Company

German ACT Company, one of the most successful world-music labels of the current era, founded in 1992 by Siegfried Loch. Internationally acclaimed for its debut -inspired and produced by Loch himself- projects, ACT extended activities and soon became home to many popular jazz artists. ACT's releases are focused on german new jazz scene, nordic contemporary music and ethno-fusions of mediterranean, african, latin, far east and american origins... This remarkable global-sound profile is portraited here:

Act One
("Meridians", 1998)
NGUYEN LE mangustao, pt 2
("Tales From Viet-nam", 1996)
HUONG THANH the soaring of the heron
("Moon and Wind", 1996)
("Sol Mestizo", 1996)
("Skarren:Norrland III", 2008)

("Homescapes", 2006)
("Notes from the Heart", 2005)
BEIRACH, HUEBNER, MRAZ around dubrawuschka
(V.A. "Global Magic", 2001)
ESBJORN SVENSSON TRIO serenade for the renegade
("Strange Place For Snow", 2002)
ACTRONIC frontside backside
("Hamlet", 2001)
ODDJOB where eagles dare
("Clint", 2010)
("Orange", 2000)
("Twin House + Splendid bonus tracks" [reissue], 1992)
GERARDO NUNEZ templo de lucero
("Andando El Tiempo", 2004)
("Between the Times", 2007)
("Gotland", 1996)

Act Two
song for bam bam
("Old Friends", 2000)
(V.A. "Global Magic", 2001)
PAOLO FRESU predagoria
("Sonos E Memoria", 2001)
("Abracadabra" [celebrating Klaus Doldinger], 2006)
Jazzpaña II, 2000)
("Temura", 1994)
("A Deux", 2008)
CARSTEN DAERR, DANIEL ERDMANN reveal your identity
("Berlin Calling", 2007)
JONAS KNUTSSON polska efter jon marsen (trad)
("Cow Cow: Norrland II", 2005)
("Pasodoble", 2007)

sewerside blues
("Sumo", 2008)
ELBTONALPERCUSSION st agnes & the burning train
("Four Elements", 2005)
LAUER, GODARD, HUSBAND de cuir et de cuivre
("Blues In Mind'', 2007)
JENS THOMAS sakyi's song
(V.A. "Global Magic", 2001)

& NY HIEROGLYPHICS it is written
("It is Written, 2005)
("Layers Of Light", 2001)

ACT one + ACT two

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Aug 26, 2010

SYSTEMS "Total Recall " (UK, 1981)

SYSTEMS - "Total Recall / Still Outside" (1981)

SYSTEMS is one of those quite remarkable early 80's short-lived bands that did one or two singles for Liverpool's cult new wave label Open Eye Records and then disappeared...

Aug 25, 2010

THE LIGGERS Peel Session (1980)

Μια απ'τις συμπαθείς μα βραχύβιες και με ελάχιστη δισκογραφική παρουσία μπάντες της μετα-πανκ περιόδου που ξεπήδησαν στο Μάντσεστερ, παράπλευρα στη Object Music, οι THE LIGGERS, εμφανίστηκαν σε κανα-δυό συλλογές της εποχής κι έκαναν ένα radio session για το ΒΒC..."Πρώτα πεθαίνουν τα Όνειρα" τραγούδησαν το Σεπτέμβρη του 1980 στο show του John Peel. Ύστερα χάθηκαν. Κι αυτή η μικρή φτιάξτην-μόνος-σου ομορφιά έκτοτε τους στοιχειώνει...

[One of the postpunk/diy short-lived bands that left no much music behind, Manchester's THE LIGGERS did this 3-track session for John Peel's radio show in September 1980.]

1. Me and Mary Jane
2. Pretty Girl
3. Dreams Die First

The Liggers:
Patti Owens (keys, vocals), Gina Sobers (bass, keys), Neil Anderson (guitar, drums), Andrew (guitar), Donna Sullivan (bass, keys)

Liggers - Peel Session

Aug 13, 2010

Music From No Man's Lands

world experimentalists Armchair Traveller

avant vocalist Shelley Hirsch

japanese jazz ensemble Gato Libre

A collection of avant/experimental sounds & obscurities selected from the releases of the specialized in innovative music No Man's Land and its sister label Review Records.

("Pollo D'Oro", 1998)
SKELETON CREW Birds of Japan
("Country of Blinds", 1986)
LES HALMAS 67 piranhas
("Hop", 1997)

SEMANTICS Split shift
("Semantics", 1986)

("On the other side of the window", 2003)


("Haiku Lingo", 1989)

("All America City, 2000)

GUY KLUCEVSEK Old woman who dances with the sea
("Scenes from a mirage", 1987)

GATO LIBRE In Budapest, in April
("Nomad", 2006)

CHRIS NEWMAN I know it's so
("New songs of social conscience", 1998)

ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER 45'03' n + 16'23' e
(" The perfect record for the armchair traveller", 2001)

("Play Allien cakes", 1994)

DAVID WEINSTEIN The economist (for P Fox-Penner)
(V.A. "A classic guide to No Man's Land - Pieces & Songs", 2003)

("Worlds of love", 1989/2000)

("On the other side of the window", 2003)
LINDSAY COOPER Assassination waltz
("Music for other occasions", 1986)

GATO LIBRE In Barcelona, in June
("Nomad", 2006)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

link: No Man's Land / Review Records

Aug 9, 2010

THE WORLDS OF LOVE: Unconvectional Re-Inventions Of The Romantic Song

The Worlds Of Love

vocals, synths, accordion, bass, guitars, flute, melodica, theremin, toy piano, percussion, vibrolute
vocals, hand-played drum machines, powerbook, percussion
vocals, banjo, synthesizer

front cover of LP edition (1989, Review Records)

front cover of CD edition (2000, Review Records)
[reissue with new-written extras]

artwork from CD edition

Paper Cup

Here’s my paper cup;
won’t you fill it up?
It should last just long enough for me to drink.

Soon my time is up;
soggy paper cup
falls apart so flimsily and spills my drink.

Pour it all in
My paper cup is waterlogged
but the liquid reached my lips.

Why should I give up,
when my paper cup
gives me drinks, and even sometimes gives me thirst.

Pour it all in.
For all intents and purposes
my old paper cup is all I need.

[lyrics by David Garland]

Paper Cup

"I want to be free of stylistic assumptions, so that as i create music i'm not thinking about traditions, but instead i'm working with the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, words and sonic color to built a new and true experience" -David Garland

Aug 1, 2010

St. Atom HRT605 - Smiling Autumn Leaves

Smiling Autumn Leaves: Unobtrusive Ambient that flirts with nature sounds and images, revoking familiar, tender (and sometimes repressed) feelings, and often points -and refers to- nostalgic visions.

A quite interesting, home-made production by St. Atom HRT605.

Smiling Autumn Leaves

For more information:

Jul 29, 2010


Rudy Trouve Sextet

Kiss My Jazz

Franco Saint De Bakker

Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung! [DAAU]

Sketches of Belgium
[ Avant-art-jazz sketches from the belgian scene of 90s and beyond... ]

01 ZITA SWOON titles - a song of two humans
("Music inspired from Sunrise, a film by F.W. Murnau", 1997)

02 X-LEGGED SALLY liquid
("Slow Up", 1991)

03 EVERYTHING IS SLOW! bidonjazzville
("Symbols and Cymbals", 1995)

04 LOUISE AVENUE articule
("Let's Take One More", 1993)

05 DAAU dip'n'dodge
("We Need New Animals", 1998)

06 COMBO BELGE batumambe
("Soyons Moderne", 1989)

07 FRANCO SAINT DE BAKKER no one knows
("Live at the Ancienne Belgique", 2005)

08 REVE D'ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA les folies de cecile
("Racines Du Ciel", 2001)

09 KISS MY JAZZ small town lovers stroll
("In A Service Station", 1999)

10 THINK OF ONE the right tool
("Juggernaut", 1998)

11 CRO MAGNON cleo
("Zapp!", 1992)

("Plaisirs et Penitences", 1990)

("Live at the Ancienne Belgique II, 2006)

("Baron Samedi Conducts The Union Philharmonique", 1996)

15 REVE D'ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA un chat sur le toit
("Racines Du Ciel", 2001)

16 OCTURN quadrature
("Dimensions", 2002)

17 RUDY TROUVE SEPTET end of a sweltering day
("Songs & Stuff Recorded Between 2003 - 2007, 2007)

("Sketches of Belgium", 1993)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour