Aug 16, 2012

The Cheepskates "Remember" (1987)

For New Jersey's "backward boys" The Cheepskates, it was this third album which made things much clearer. A band, melodically gifted, with a great sense of true, unforced fast-short songcrafting, was ready now to lead its very own path from the faded summers of the previous decades towards the 80's garage-revival lands. And as their east/west-coast breezes perfumed the psych gardens again, refreshing shadows creeped on the power-pop earth.
The started here cooperation with euro-psych label Music Maniac spred them perhaps a little further,  The Cheepskates though, after all, they didn't get the attention they deserved.
Few relatively ears witnessed and much less appreciated. But then... that's why, i guess, you have to Remember.
"Remember" line up:
Shane Faubert vocals, guitars, keyboards, composition
Jeremy Lee drums, percussion, background vocals, composition
Tony Low bass, guitar, backing vocals, composition

Remember (vinyl rip)