Sep 20, 2011

NED SUBLETTE: Adventures In Black & White

Ned Sublette is a texan multi-talented artist, musician, photographer, producer, labelman, musicologist... Since 70s he's been living in New York, where he has collaborated with many important avant artists (Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, John Cage, Love Of Life Orchestra, Lenny Pickett a.o.) and also has written books about the history of american and the latin-american music.
As a performer and composer he is mainly interested to create forms where his "white" country-western roots style encounters the pulse of latin music (cuban, carribean etc.) and the voices of "black" America.

Two of his most significant works are the albums "Ships At Sea, Sailors And Shoes" (Triple Earth, 1993) and "Monsters From The Deep" (Triple Earth, 1997), both collaborations with lyricist Lawrence Weiner and the soul-vocal group of The Persuasions.