Dec 16, 2010


In Lucien Dubuis music the gap between rock, jazz, improvisation is often rather small. Accompanied by constable forces Roman Nowka (bass), Lionel Friedli (drums), plus special guests as Marc Ribot -a major Dubuis influence- the swiss reedman (alto sax, bass and contrabass clarinets) creates powerful sounds with funk solidity, rock sharpness and impro freedom... not far from the wild Knitting Factory zone, a kind of modern no-wave/noir jazz that stands easily very entertaining and challenging among the genres.

LUCIEN DUBUIS TRIO - bal les masques (from "Tovorak", 2005)

Lucien Dubuis [12 selections, 1 hour - compiled by LFDJ]

Lucien Dubuis Trio "Sumo" (2001)
Lucien Dubuis' Old School Quartet (2003)
Dubuis - Studer " 'Avec les pouces' Madame Chili" (2004)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Tovorak" (2005)
Lucien Dubuis Trio "Le Retour" (2007)
Lucien Dubuis Trio + Marc Ribot "Ultime Cosmos" (2009)


kool thinks said...

Τι ΚΟΜΜΑΤΑΡΑ το "Le gateau a la rhubarbe", τόσο Κολτρέιν ήχος, τρέλα!!Σπουδαίος ο τύπος.Οπωσδήποτε θα ακούσω και κανένα ολόκληρο δίσκο του:)

paramo said...

Υπαρχουν, νομιζω, ηδη δυο-τρεις ολοκληροι δισκοι του σε διαφορα blogs.
Προσωπικα μου αρεσει περισσοτερο η παραγωγη του πριν το 2007.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is great stuff!

Hope you can upload the entire "old school" quartet album - would be greatly appreciated :)

-matt d.

paramo said...

matt d.,
for an old school link send us please an e-mail.