Apr 8, 2009

MACHINATIONS " Average Inadequacy / Arabia " , 7'', (AUS, 1980)

One of the earliest releases of later well known Sydney pop band.
"Average Inadequacy" can be found in many compilations. Another single version accompanied by the track "Machinations of Dance" released in 1982 from White Label Records. This one released from Phantom Records with b-side track "Arabia".

Average Inadequacy


Anonymous said...

Never heard of them. This is a good song! Should appeal to minimal synth/DIY fans. And the flip side is not bad either -- very creative stuff. Thank you!

John Daly said...

I saw these guys at 'Speed-way Rock'at Granville, {outer west] and some guy dressed up in an Devo outfit, and danced, I was enlightened. But he was brave [out west].