Apr 12, 2009

The sonic investigations of ESSENDON AIRPORT (AUS)

Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial

ESSENDON AIRPORT formed in 1978 in Melbourne. They began as a duo (Robert Goodge - guitar, electronics - David Chesworth - electric piano, drum machine etc.), releasing "Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial", a minimal, instrumental EP which was enough to place them near no other australian post punk band, somewhere between Young Marble Giants and electronica's future.
A two-track single with Anne Cessna (Anne Sanger) on lyrics and vocals followed in 1980. The addition of Paul Fletcher (drums) and Ian Cox (sax), turned them into a four piece band. As a quartet they made the LP "Palimpsest" (1982), a work much different from previous output, funkier, closer to the 'no wave' standards of the era.
ESSENDON AIRPORT paused activities in 1983... but 2002's reissue of their early material caused little new noise about the band, so ESSENDON AIRPORT came back, playing some gigs and working on new stuff.

ESSENDON AIRPORT & ANNE CESSNA - Talking To Cleopatra / Lost In Madagascar, 7'', 1980

ESSENDON AIRPORT - wallpaper music (from "Sonic Investigations..." EP, 1979)

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