Apr 9, 2009

IVOR CUTLER & LINDA HIRST " Privilege " (UK, 1983)

[Country Door]
a man knocks on a tree /
the tree opens the door / the man walks inside and the door shuts / my father was like that / he 'd walk into the country and knock on a tree

The Scotch poet, comedian, storyteller, songwriter, Ivor Cutler (1923 - 2006) recites and sings his idiosyncratic, eccentric and humorous lyrics, accompanied by vocalist Linda Hirst. Produced by David Toop and Steve Beresford, "PRIVILEGE" is the first of his Rough Trade releases. Instrumentation - quite rich for Cutler's standards - includes keyboards, euphonium, banjo, alto flute... "Women of the world", the indie hit of the album, released as a 7'' single and been covered by Jim O' Rourke on his "Eureka" LP (1999)

Women Of The World / Counting Song, 7'', 1983


Sotiris said...

Τι σχόλιο να κάνει κάποιος που λατρεύει τον Cutler και βρίσκει αυτό το δώρο?

paramo said...

γεια χαρα Σωτηρη

οσονουπω περισσοτερος cutler

Godard said...

thank you kindly - for this gem!

Anonymous said...

now available on cd: