Jun 19, 2008

THE BATS couchmaster (NZ, 1995)

Existing since 1982, THE BATS are one of the cornerstones of the legendary NZ underground. They come from Dunedin, "motherspring of miracles" for the 80`s (and not only) down under pop. Mainman Robert Scott has been also member of THE CLEAN, THE MAGICK HEADS, ELECTRIC BLOOD, and had played with THE CHILLS. Without breaking any new ground COUCHMASTER is one more link to the continuity of the constable post-punk/lo-fi/psych/homemade/pop values that New Zeeland, as no other country, has raised to the top. 
Couchmaster (70mb).


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for the couchmaster download. Been a fan of the Bats since the 80's when I first heard Daddy's Highway. They still sound good don't they? Not dated and thin like so many others. Much to my surprise, I heard the trademark Bats jangle t' other day on the ABC (Australia) -"North by North" was the music accompanying a primer for a new TV show (called "Hollow men" or something).

Unknown said...

thanks a lot, couchmaster is a great add to the galbraith and clean recordings of any nz music fan.

thanks again and the best for you
at this great blog