Jun 14, 2008

SHOCK HEADED PETERS tendercide (UK,1996)

several headed beauty abyss

Karl Blake (Lemon Kittens, The Reflections, The Underneath, Evil twin, Sol Invictus, Seven Pines...) and David Knight (Five or Six) are the mainmen behind SHOCK HEADED PETERS,
the monster by which they excavate from electric-romantic darkness some of the most several headed and enigmatic beauty of the last 25 years.
"Tendercide" (what a title!) is their 90`s outstanding masterwork, by the same way "Not born beautiful" marked 80`s with its lonely but indelible touch. They can embarrass those who seek safety in music and it`s no stange at all they don't get the attention they deserve.
listen here (102mb)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Bruce

ROOKSBY said...

Terrific, thanks! x