Jun 6, 2008

ARANOS making love in small spaces (1999)

Czech artist Petr Vastl, known to many for collaboration with Nurse With Wounds, is mainly a virtuoso violonist with an experimental view to music.He can create incredible sounds with violin (and not only) that recall numerous different things, his singing lies left of Tom Waits style, but he is far from being a reminder. His touch on music is magical and unique. Avant garde, german cabaret, easteuropean folk, gypsy music, zen, balkan, traditional or cosmopolitan dance forms, classical, romantism, jazz, blues, early 20th century, improvisation ...are a few only tags to get an idea about.This album is, i think, one of his most song orientated, while others explore more experimental forms.Although he is, generally, influenced by NWW, fortunately here keeps distances from this too much overestimated band. If you are to trust only one of my suggestions listen to this man. For more info and other ARANOS gems visit the "wehavenozen.blogspot.com". Peter Vastl, the last of the saltibanques.

small spaces (89,5mb)

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