Jun 18, 2008

GEORGES DELERUE le cinema de Francois Truffaut (FRA, 2004)

the art of filmic details

This compilation retraces from second "TIREZ SUR LE PIANISTE" (SHOT THE PIANIST) to last feature "VIVEMENT DIMANCHE" (CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS) the chronological continuity of the DELERUE- TRUFFAUT path, selecting from totally 11 movies, themes that have a central position in the director` s filmography. The very well aimed compiling here brings out the core of the composer`s approach to TRUFFAUT cinema. It is like the 23 pieces that cover discontinuously 23 years (1960-1983) were written for one and the same movie. This happens probably because Delerue, composing the scores, has always an observing eye to his friend himshelf, he watches him as "another director", he feels Francois intuitions. Into a constant dialogue, Delerue explores the director`s aesthetic decisions and he responds to them with clear-sighted music that reflects (gently) an equal playful irony, underlining director`s favourite things: cinema, women, devastating passions,baroque music, old Hollywood scores - Truffaut`s, finally, sense for the art of the filmic details.

"how can you speak about friends?... Friends you can speak with only." -Maurice Blanchot (l`amitie)

Tirez sur le pianiste (1960)
Jules et Jim (1962)
L`amour a vingt ans (1962)
La peau douce (1964)
Les deux Anglaises et la continent (1971)
Une belle fille comme moi (1972)
La nuit Americaine (1973)
L`amour en fuite (1979)
Le dernier metro (1980)
La femme d`a-cote (1981)
Vivement Dimanche ! (1983)

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