Jun 3, 2008

SHOCKABILLY colosseum (1984)

Second of the 4 studio LP`s SHOCKABILLY released ,"COLOSSEUM " , will lead you straight to the world of peculiar chemical reactions taking place into a mind exposed repeatedly to the chimeric truth of genuine psychedelism. COLOSSEUM, although it carries lunatic doses of overthrowing memory , schizo-seriousness and disrespect, fits very naturally to the heart of most seductive art. Comic, disturbing, swampy, sheltering into past as if this past were yet to come SHOCKABILLY `s albums founded all the post psych curiosity and beauty that shimmy disc, kramer, Bongwater etc became the later years famous about. EUGENE CHADBURNE (guitar), DAVID LICHT (drums) and KRAMER (bass, keys,and alchemistic production) created a small cartoon-electric universe that still conducts.... (61,5mb)

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