Jun 15, 2008

HASIDIC NEW WAVE "Psycho-semitic" (US,1998)

Their 2nd and my favourite "Psycho-semitic". Hasidic New Wave's characteristic blend of klezmer-avant-free-funk-impro-jazz-core has, this time, a strong dose of psych influence coupling dark mystic moods with the festivity of creating and playing music for simple things happiness.

"Mashke iz YASH un blaybt af a vayle - whiskey is BOOZE and lasts for a while - Negine iz YESH un farbaybt yom ve-layle - but music is a REALITY that lasts day & night.
In other words, the right notes at the right time can change a person` s being: There`s a way, say the kabbalists, to extract fire from water[...], a few drinks might change the water`s colour but the right sounds can turn waves to flame. It`s like the difference between a birthday sparkler and the Burning Bush, which burns and burns but is never consumed. And that`s the point-to take the voices of many waters and make them all into a fire that doesn`t stop burning..."
Michael Wex ( from the inner notes of PSYCHO-SEMITIC)

Listen here (50mb)

Psycho-semetic @256Kb/s (95.5mb)

01.seven blessings from the high priest (achas)
 03.seven blessings (achas ve-achas)
05.seven blessings (achas u-shtayim)
06.TRANSCENDENCE -because of our shortcomings, we live in exile
07.AL-OSFOUR AL-MANJOUN (crazy bird)
08.seven blessings (achas ve sholosh)
10.seven blessings (achas ve-arba)
12.seven blessings (achas vo-sheysh)
14.seven blessings (achas ve-khamesh)
15.MEN TRINKT MASHKE (people drink whiskey) -you drink whiskey, you get happy,and then you start to dance

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