Jun 23, 2008

THIS FLUID flud (GREECE, hitch-hyke rec,1997)

Tags like electronic, art, experimental, cinematic, avant, ambient pop, can not explain much in THIS FLUID occasion. FLUD`s texture is full of so many layers, ideas and visions of present(1997), future and past that it would take pages to speak for it properly. Its methods, technology and inclinations of blending and mixing various elements in a pop art level belong to the end of 20th century (present). Its main inspiration origins from dark/art side of 80`s and bands like Tuxedomoon, for example (past) . The result is a post everything ambience that seems to portray spaces and situations from a more and more complicated civilization, or to narrate scenarios happening near the vanishing edgeline between reality and illusion (future). 

THIS FLUID: Spyros Faros and Makis Faros (samples, programming, electronics, synths, keyboards, voices, singing, bass, guitars, etc) and also Anna Maratou (cello, vocals, etc).
Additional musicians played: ud, mandolin, djembe, bendir, shakers, ceramic percussion and vocals. 

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