Jun 27, 2008

M.OXLEY & C. ABRAHAMS coal (AUS,1994)

Chris Abrahams, a "visible" and "invisible" (jazz) musician of the legendary 80`s australian underground, member or session man of several bands of the era (Laughing Clowns, Benders, The Sparklers, a.o.), after released some not very famous albums, found finally wider recognition by adding his keys to the ceremonial cosmic pulse of THE NECKS (avant post jazz trio). In the meanwhile he had a hand to some gems, that his later success should have normally moved out of shade. "COAL" is one of them. Chris plays almost all instruments here (keys, guitars,drums), leaving...Melanie Oxley`s magical vocals to "navigate" through hammond rivers of eerie flowing ... the bitter sweet songs.
Full of simple, straight, indie-soul-blues ballads, "COAL" sounds a very cool, modest and calm title for the album. It isn`t, considered this aussie fairy sets hearts on fire...

aussie fairy in rivers of eerie flowing

COAL (52mb)

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