Jun 18, 2008

MOONSHAKE dirty & divine (UK,1996)

Dirty and Divine, last Dave Callahan`s MOONSHAKE effort, recorded Dec 1995 to Feb 1996, and released by US C/Z records label. Two other LPs and some EPs had released the previous years from too pure label. Dave Callahan (after members departure to form Laika), diminished gradually the indie pop "too pure" style of the band, to focus in an avant-industrial funk-dub-jazz sound with ethno/pseudoethno,oriental-like horns, Kraut influences, and heavy use of samples. Dirty and Divine moves into untidy atmospheres of disharmony, anxiety and threat, describing confusion of a life polluted at any level. Thick waste-liquids flows poisoning the structure of the songs while Dave`s vocals have the ideal unpleasantness to express the scenery of dirt...

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