Jun 2, 2008

MARC JEFFREY "Playtime" (US, 1990)

Back in 80`s , Marc Jeffrey was the leader (singer + guitarist) of New York`s BAND OF OUTSIDERS, a group that never became well known (even in the underground circuit ) and earned some middling only sympathy from ones explored the american post punk situation and the psych revivalism of that era . Band Of Outsiders disbanded before the turn of new decade, leaving behind them few LP`s / EP`s and a collaboration with CERTAIN GENERAL ( amazing 80`s NY post no-wave band). Afterwards Marc released "PLAYTIME", an old fashioned psych-folk-art-pop gem, superior than the previous works, but unfortunately, same fated with them.

Its excellent 60`s-influenced songsmithness places "PLAYTIME" near the most loving works of psych archetypes like LOVE , SPIRIT, etc. Nevertheless the inspiration and the whole artistic atmosphere leave no doubts about the originality of this work. As if predating the lo-fi attidute of 90's "PLAYTIME" hides its brilliance under a very modest sound profile... and it definitely worths discovering.

I riped it from my (Nate Starkman & Son Greece) vinyl so you prepare for some...hissing.
Playtime  (80mb)

Update summer 2013 :
After a long hiatus Marc Jeffrey and the Band Of Outsiders are back!!
They released the mini-album "Sound  Beach Quartet" in 2012 and a new album is coming out hopefully this summer.

Thanks Marc Jeffrey for updating info...


Anonymous said...

Hi Fragments, I'm still very interested to hear this and I check back every day. But I guess if nobody else has commented then it's not worth your trouble and there's lots of other good music on your site anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Band of Outsiders is reforming for a special benefit gig:


Benefit For Laura Kennedy • Original Bass Player of Bush Tetras needs an immediate liver transplant

Sunday October 26th

Cake Shop • 152 Ludlow Street • New York’s Lower East Side

Appearing: The Bush Tetras, James Chance, Certain General, Band of Outsiders, Lenny Kaye, Radio I-Ching, Deborah Frost, Sediment Club, Mikey I-Q, Julian Stockdale & more to be added

“You Can’t Be Funky If You Haven’t Got A Soul”

Please come out and help • Admission $15 minimum donation

www.Myspace.com/bushtetras • lklf.blogspot.com


Unknown said...

Thanks for Geographies, of Hector Zazou.
You are great


Anonymous said...

Today I have buy it on vynil : )

Slartibartfast said...

Very good post. This a record i bought back in 1992 and I didn't know about the previous work of Marc Jeffrey. Annyway this is a great album never bored to hear.

Nice blog you have here!!!!

Καλή συνέχεια.

paramo said...

Thanks for your kind words.
καλη συνεχεια και σε σας.

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