Jun 28, 2008

DAVID THOMAS & THE PEDESTRIANS sound of the sand and other songs of the pedestrians (Rough Trade, 1981)

From the first already solo step, David Thomas goes further from the avant rock aesthetics of Pere Ubu to a more naturally breathing environment, jazzy, less electric, richer to calm daily observations and memory echoes, much closer though to improvisation. David creates many parallel atmospheres led by a vocal experimentation that separates itshelf from the other instruments. Compositions draw a bigger perimeter and the more "free" space they enclose, the more physically are permitted to express their several lunacies.

Among the other pedestrians, Chris Cutler, Phillip Moxham, Mayo Thompson, Richard Thompson and the reggae trumpeter Eddie "Tan Tan " Thornton "walked" up on the sand.



IgnacioEsteban said...

Hi: Thank you for this one, best whishes.

ROOKSBY said...

Many thanks for posting this, I thought I was NEVER going to hear it...!

vaubu said...

The Crickets in the Flats always reminds me of what the first round of the Golden Palominos would have sounded like if they were invited on MTV's Unplugged.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all the David Thomas posts. I'm catching up on my vinyl collection and I'm looking forward to hearing this again.