Jun 5, 2008

FUXA very well organized (1996)

This US duo appeared at 90`s , at a post rock period very furious about reviving the analog synth sound. They use heavily moogs, organ and primitive electronic sound effects (unexplained transmissions as themshelves say). Their music brings in mind krautscapes, retro sci-fi, and a space floating ambience tranquil or mysterious, full of suspended minor elements and astro-dust.Their vision is quite subterranean,originated at 60`s psych... Summing up, a well organized study of old technology and minimal ideas materialized by simple sonar means.These skeletal, avoiding peeks orchestrations can easily become a soundtrack of your own alien scenario or equally leave you half hypnotized into the weightless fogs of nowhere.

link here @256Kb/s (96mb)

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