Jun 10, 2008

PHILLIP BOA &THE VOODOOCLUB thirty years of blank expression (1989)

Thirty Years of Blank Expression is a greek compilation (DI DI records) from 1989, anthologizing the first two LP`s , Philister (1985) (Philistines according to another edition ), and Aristocracy (1986) of PHILLIP BOA & THE VOODOOCLUB. Though Phillip Boa became thru the years a quite famous indie star and his music lost its initial interest, these early works are very worth listening. The compositions are characterized by a percussive noisy pop and melodic style with a strong irony in the way they blend simple or unexpected small ideas from nearly anywhere.Most enjoyable moments comes when Phillip`s cool singing clashes with the crazy voodooclub choir.
Generally, an authentic 80`s curiosity both catchy and paranoiac (or paramoiac).
Riped from vinyl...GET IT HERE (69mb)

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