Jun 4, 2008

KRAMER songs from the pink death (1998)

Kramer, musician (shockabilly,bongwater ...) ,top producer (low , galaxie500 etc...) and mainman behind important SHIMMY DISC label can be considered ,trully, a mentor of american underground scene for last decades.

"SONGS FROM THE PINK DEATH" followed his most acclaimed period (mostly with BONGWATER ), released at a time when the alt.underground audiences were already searching for some new ground into the post-pcych land, and finally remained obscured by "GUILT TRIP" his first solo ,ambitious 2cd work (a work in progress...), sharing the same more or less main feeling with it. Here you ll find , crafted by KRAMER`s unique, personal, raw, noisy, melodic, bitter, funny, surreal way, the whole gamut of contradicted feelings and complexities about "pink death". Although "SONGS FROM THE PINK DEATH" exits, supposedly, to sunny open roads and new hopeful starts, i couldn`t tell whether gives catharsis or flows into an even deeper adoration of despaired love.


Rui Carvalho said...

tens um dos melhore blogs da net. eu identifico-me com a tua musica. eu também já cá ando há muitos anos a ouvir e descobrir bandas.parabéns.
também tenho 2 blogs e facebook.

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Dead link? Would REALLY appreciate a re-up, :)