Jun 23, 2008

MARTIN REV clouds of glory (US,1985, reissued1996)

1985 New Rose vinyl edition front cover

Martin Rev, the half of the legendary SUICIDE, recorded the material of this album 1981-84 at NY, with Marty Thau. No ALAN VEGA singing here, so don`t expect that rock and roll feeling SUICIDE uniquely created some years before without using(!) rock `n` roll instruments. Anyway these electronic excursions don`t miss much of the genuine anticomformist spirit of Martin, and they may interest funs of SUICIDE, or lovers of analog electronics, or followers of 80`s dark paths.
Clouds of Glory was 2nd Rev`s solo album and released first by French New Rose label in 1985. Reissued 1996 by RED STAR MUSIC with a new cover, including also the extra track "Island" from 1987.

Red Star Music cd reissue front cover

Get the reissue music ...here @192Kb/s (53mb)


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Hi, any chance tu upload Les Nymphes by Martin Rev?
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