Jun 20, 2008

CHARLES HAYWARD my secret alphabet (UK, sub rosa,1993)

Considered as one of the best rock drummers, and been also a multi-instrumentalist and a composer, Charles Hayward, has a long history in impro, avant jazz, experimental rock scene. His music is related with the so called "Canterbury Scene", R.I.O. , and Recommended records. Member of QUIET SUN in 70`s, THIS HEAT, REGULAR MUSIC, CAMBERWELL NOW, has also joined projects together with many of the greatests musicians of these genres.
After CAMBERWELL NOW disbanded, Charles headed for solo works, and eclectic collaborations releasing nice albums like "Survive The Gesture " (1987) or this one... "My Secret Alphabet" , a collaboration with Nick Doyne-Ditmas (bass, guitar, trumpet, voc), released from the good belgian Sub Rosa label. Charles plays here drums, percusssion, keyboards, and also sings in a way it inspires you to love him . The optimist view of Charles embraces many fields of life and music and goes beyond the critical style or the complexity of the compositions. This wide,quiet ( very lively, though, esoterically) musical vision places him beside artists like Robert Wyatt.

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