Jun 4, 2008

PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE hovezi porazka (1984)

This avant prog , experimental czeck band that originated from late sixties, recorded the material of this album at early 80`s , at a period their members were under police surveillance because of their opposition to regime. PPOTU go beyond the usual for the genre combination of virtuosity, free imagination and complexity. Hovezi porazka is dense , tight music ,rooted in the blues-jazz-folk-r.i.o. territory. Magnificent eastern european flavoured horns sound rockier than guitars, while dark, inauspicious, or even explosive vocals express clearly the direct the hard reality the band faced seeking freedom in life and art as one and same thing. Artistry in the service of a revolutionary heart that needs no ideology to live riskly between activism and dreaming, between senses and thought.


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