Jun 13, 2008

MECANO "Robespierre`s Re-Marx/ Room For Two" (HOL,7``,TORSO,1981)

Here it is MECANO`s 7`` single that TORSO records (Holland) released in 1981. One side plays at 44rpm and the other at 33rpm, as you may see. Of course you don`t expect me for introducing you MECANO and the great DIRK POLAK, but for newcomers i must say that both songs are able in less than 8 minutes to give you a pretty good idea of "mecanoworld" and mostly to persuade you how different from -and above- anything MECANO that time was.
And something last...Dirk intented, as he was telling interviewed, to set PAUL CELAN `s Todesfuge (deathfuge) - and probably more CELAN`s poems - to music. Was that plan ever realised ?And if not... (now that Dirk has been back), is the idea still alive?...

01 Robespierre`s Re-Marx (45rpm)
02 Room for two (33rpm)

thanks to begemot for supporting technically this attempt

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