Sep 30, 2008

LES POULES "Les Contes De L` Amere Loi" (CAN, 1986)

Electronic jazz, sampledelic improvisation, abstract prog, avant new wave... or simply "LES CONTES DE L` AMERE LOI". At a time when most of much repeated experimental/R.I.O. tricks had started to become tedious, Canadian three-piece, LES POULES, applying an unconvectional imagination on use of synths, samples, drum machines, drums, voices and an alto sax... brought new air to the place. This extremely revitalizing approach owes much to the passionate and daring way by which the trio "extracts" music from sonar sources. Ready made sounds and plastic noises are dissolved perfectly into the acoustic spaces of "natural" instruments and the overall techno-weirdness is very live and emotionally warm.

LES CONTES DE L AMERE LOI is not a work untouchable by time, for the simple reason that added years extinguish its age. It is a timeless gem from three ladies, rather still active, who despite of small discography seem to keep on upsetting, (at the back of world attention), the avant genres.

DANNIELLE P. ROGER : drums, electronic percussion, voice, synth
JOANNE HETU : alto sax, voice, synth
DIANE LABROSSE : voice, synth



gidouille said...

This is one I have on vinyl. It's been reissued, but I've never come across it. I'm a big fan of Wondeur Brass and Justine, and this was a rather interesting sidestep from those projects. I've not heard their two more recent releases, Prairie Orange and Phenix. I wonder how those compare.

LaFolieDuJour said...

"PRAIRIE ORANGE" is more experimental and not as good.
"SIMONEDA..." is quite interesting, but "RAVIR" is what we like the most.

gidouille said...

I feel just the opposite. Ravir is nice, but Simoneda is superb. To each his own. I wish they'd reissue them both.

This Les Poules must be from the CD reissue. I don't hear any surface noise.