Sep 24, 2008

IL GRAN TEATRO AMARO "Piazza Orphelins" (NED, 1995)

Acoustic-art-folk aspects of avant garde according to IL GRAN TEATRO AMARO, a multinational band acted in 90`s and released 4 albums (first three via Recommended Rec). Based in Groningen, musicians from Italy, Holland, France... visit with innovative spirit the traditions of european song: italian and spanish folk, french chanson, german cabaret and many other ethnic-folk-retro genres... Sounds and noises of street culture, tunes whistled by refugees or performed by wandering musicians in small art cafes...get arty treatments and sound like new worldsong manifests... Accordion, acoustic guitars, piano, lute, banjo, double bass, horns, percussions, male-female vocals... diffuse the music through a prism of languages reminding both much earlier times and modern avant/improvised practices.
Piazza Orphelins is IL GRAN TEATRO AMARO third album and deep in its european soul you `ll find "Ritik Ma Na; Rif Uyn", a composition of great ANOUAR BRAHEM.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these particular guys. I have already the "Port-Famine" album and I couldn´t get more of them till now. Could you post "Luna Hotel" by the genuinous band JELLYFISH KISS also on Rec Rec?. Thanks.

paramo said...

few scattered tracks of JELLYFISH KISS i have, they didn`t push me to search something more from this band.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

la folie - thanks again for altena's "rondedans".

to find out something about this lp was very difficult, i really had to dig very deep - but i succeeded, and got every detail i want to know, even a review (in dutch only, though).

if you want to post it, i can send you the details, the review, and scans for front + back cover, too!! ;)

with pleasure - lucky!!!

La Folie du Jour said...

dear Lucky,
i believe you have worked more than me for "Rondedans"... and the most important: it seems you like this album more than me.
At this time i dont think i want to post it. i also avoid using texts or reviews of others.
So i 'll stay tuned looking forward to read from your blog "every detail you wanted to know and dug deep to get".

Keep on supporting the things you love, and please feel free to use any music we send, for sharing or whatever else is - according to you - the right way to spread around the passion for art.

I hope more music we both are interested in, continue to get landed at both of our blogs.

take care

Anonymous said...

paramo - ok, i'll post it in half an hour (on midnight here in germany).

i do like it, yes, and possibly more than you... ;)

i'm not only using reviews of others, for me it's the only way of staying away from my babbling and praising things and chasing possible listeners away!! when i started blogging a few years ago, i tried to write reviews myself - but i think i'm far better in researching and putting things together, than in telling detailed and without much emotion how i feel about music. my personal opinions become very clear in the comments - and that's the way i use(d) my blogs.

paramo - i don't know if i can return the favor, because i possibly don't have too much you might be looking for (and which i haven't posted in the recent past and which is out-of-print!).

we'll see...

herzliche grĂ¼sse (hearty greetings),