Sep 23, 2008

ORTHOTONICS "Wake up, you must remember" (US,1984)

As requested, here it is the first LP of R.I.O. related ORTHOTONICS. Started as a trio (Danny Finney-sax, Paul Watson-trumpet, Pippin Barnett-drums), but after addition singer-guitarist Rebby Sharp (and Tom Carson on bass), they bridged their free/improv origins with alternative rock. Angular forms leave space for a post punk minimalism rich in jazz colours, while the horns support the tight rhythmic character of the songs or invade the picture developing mellow themes and short, witty dialogues.
A fresh, pop edged, experimental work (mixed by Fred Frith), that brings in mind avant new-wave sounds from the other side of the Atlantic.

Rebby Sharp


Anonymous said...

Hello again
Thank you very much for posting this crazy and extraordinary band. (Thanks, too, for Charles Hayward, Kramer, Proof of Utah, Tenko, Eskimo, Plastic People, Louis Sclavis, Etron Fou, etc...).

Thanks for so interesting information about other blogs. Is it not possible to get anyhere "From here to drums" by Geoff Leigh & Frank Wuyts? I´ve been looking so long for this wonderful record...!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this beauty.

L'Homme Scalp said...

This one was much needed! Thank you very much. Orthotonics also recorded 'Luminous Bipeds' another very excellent album.

Visit my site:

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog and Stuff!!!
Keep on!!!
I want to upload the 2nd of orthotonics if this is possible

K. R. Seward said...

Thanks a bunch for posting the Orthos and Rebby Sharp stuff.


Saw them live around the time of this record at the Mineshaft (long gone club) in Charlottesville VA. Maybe with Half Japanese--so long ago.

Friends had a cassette boombox taping during the show and played the resulting tape for weeks thereafter. Think the tape finally died. Luckily, this record is still kicking around. Now in digital form.

Recall seeing the Orthotonics maybe a year or two later in a Richmond club when Pippin Barnett was hitting some electric bass contraption now & then that was part of his drum kit.

LaFolieDuJour said...

Dear K. R. Seward
thanks for useful infos about Orthotonics