Sep 11, 2008

KAMPEC DOLORES "Levitation" (HUN, 1990)

KAMPEC DOLORES is one of the most important rock bands that have been acting since 80`s in eastern (communistic then) Europe. They formed 1984 and attracted a small attention of western audiences supporting NICO in her 1985 Budapest concert, and participating PERE UBU`s reunion tour (1988). Dutch anarcho-punk collective THE EX helped them to release their first self-titled album. "LEVITATION" was the second. Locally acclaimed, released internationally on vinyl by RECOMMENDED records (RER MEGACORP) and reissued later, along with the first album in one cd.
Traditional hungarian folk & eastern european jazz elements plus unfamiliar sounds & melodic qualities of hungarian language give an exquisite flavour to an already amazing balance between alternative 80`s underground rock and avant/R.I.O.
Later works went occasionally more experimental ( improvisation, vocal eccentricities etc), the band though, finally, focused on a world-folk settled down direction, more ethnic/ethereal, less underground passionated, still very good... but it is here, the early albums, i believe, that you can full enjoy the most furious and condensed alchemies of this avant rock-goes-peripheral-goes-global band, which has chosen to be called kampec dolores - the end of pains, whatever optimistic or pessimistic this may means.

KAMPEC DOLORES core members are GABI KENDERESI:vocals,violin, and ex Kontroll Csoport (early 80`s important hungarian alt-rock band), CSABA HAJNOCZY: guitars, bass, etc.

LEVITATION (66mb) (March 2013 updated)


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! I've been looking for this forever. An old roommate of mine had this record, and ever since I moved out I've been trying to track it down. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey bro thanks for share this album,is really magic, greetings from mexico

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would love a fresh link for this! thank you for the amazing music!!!