Sep 21, 2008

TENKO "Slope Gradual Disappearance" (JAP, 1987)

FRED FRITH (bass-guit-piano-violin-perc-production), ZEENA PARKINS (accordion-harp), ARTO LINDSAY (guit-voc), WAYNE HORVITZ (piano-synth), KRAMER (banjo), TOM CORA (cello), DAVID LICHT (drums), NED ROTHENBERG (flute-sax), CHRISTIAN MARCLAY (turntables), DAVID MOSS (voc) a.o.... a small NY army of pioneering musicians summoned up under "commands" of TENKO, a japanese vocalist who started from traditional, art, japanese origins, to develope through amazing mouth-sound ideas & abilities... a semi-improvised, extreme, yet often familiar world of vocal acrobatics, sharp spoken dialogues, polyphonic antithesis, haunted lullabies, murmuring backgrounds, verbal or non verbal auras and beautiful conventional singing... encountered with 80`s noise experimentations and avant garde.
TENKO had worked with impovisation projects & travelled wide with experimental vocal ensembles, so "Slope gradual disappearance" hasn`t been only an uncompromised avant -passionated debut(!) LP, but also a work of distilled knowledge and experience, rich in multicultural influences and global historical/mythological references.
Don`t avoid a contact with Slope Gradual Disappearance...TENKO will carry you to vocal spaces that would have stayed, without her, empty, unfilled.


Anonymous said...

xHello, extraordinary blog this one!!! One of the best about R.I.O. music. Great album this of Tenko. I´m looking for these groups,too,(could you post them?):
Anatrofobia, Art Moulu - "Live"!!, Les Batteries, Bruniferd - "Putch kitch"!!, Hasse Bruniusson -"Mannaminne"!!, Bob Drake, Les I, La STPO, Geoff Leigh & Frank Wuyts - "From here to drums"!!, Neo Museum, The Ordinaires, Orthotonics - "Wake up"!!, Ferdinand Richard - "Ensableur de portugaises"!!, Les Salles Combles, Scrooge, Ur Kaos - "Terrible beauty"!!, or Vibraslaps.
Thank you very much. Keep on this way!

Anonymous said...

Dear (anonymous) friend,you can get: LES I , from
ORTHOTONICS ,from our blog shortly...
also SCROOGE will be posted from LFDJ in the future, hopefully...

Godjikian said...

to the guy looking for several groups including mine ("la stpo" - i'm Pascal Godjikian, the singer). I dont like to see our albums put online at all. most of them are to be found on our label : Beta-lactam ring records.
some of them (from the prikosnovenie time) are sold out, but will be soon rereleased, so please dont post them online.
if you need to have more infos, you can contact me directly :
lastpo at
merci, au revoir

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...