Sep 11, 2008

TORU TAKEMITSU: In an Autumn Garden (JAP,1966-1973)

1. In an Autumn Garden, for gagaku ensemble (1973)
2. Voyage (Tabi), for 3 biwa (1973)
3. Autumn (Aki), for biwa, skakuhachi & orchestra: Excerpt (1973)
4. November Steps, for shakuhachi, biwa & orchestra: 10th Step (Variation) (1967)
5. Eclipse, for shakuhachi & biwa (1966)

Kinshi Tsuruta,biwa
Katsuya Yokoyama,shakuhachi


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these Takemitsu releases, I've been curious to hear them. I've been particularly interested in "Miniatur IV, the Art of Takemitsu" featuring "Seasons" for 4 percussionists and "Munari by Munari". If you know of any posts of this difficult to find LP (or CD reissue) I will be greatly appreciative of the assistance. Thanks again & peace.

vaubu said...

I am especially excited to hear his inspiration from gagaku music. Thank you!