Sep 28, 2008

ALBERT MARCOEUR "Album a Colorier" (FRA, 1976)

The second LP of the french "maitre" of avant-prog-jazz-psych-art-rock-frenchfolk-pop eccentrity. Humouristic approach, similarities with Frank Zappa, Canterbury scene... though each composition is a kind of madness of its own. ALBERT MARCOEUR has a rare talent to navigate the passionate, artistic chaos he creates towards accessible coasts. His works of 1974 - 1980 period rated as an influence or (why not) as an answer to R.I.O. movement. Definitely he has fed, as very few others, the stream of absurdity that debouched into the delta of avant garde...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic record. Thank you so much.
Do you have some of Marcoeur's later albums
Best wishes Mark

Anonymous said...

great post, I like Albert Marcoeur and all Rock in opposition music.... please post other gems!!!!!!!!!
thank you!!