Sep 3, 2008

MOONDOG JR "every day i wear a greasy black feather on my hat" (BEL, 1995)

The art, blues, jazz, noir side of dEUS early days bloomed for good in 1995 with this singular album, Stef kamil Carlens (dEUS) and musicians from bands Flowers for breakfast & Kiss my Jazz (just before go a ZITA SWOON indie career), released under moniker MOONDOG Jr. America`s modern music mythology as defined after Dylan-Beefheart-Waits actions is at the centre of their vision. They approach it with an imaginative playing and an alternative spirit, rich in creative but dark/sad mooded also ideas. Moondog Jr`s bitter viewing narrations draws urban noir sceneries where things have a double face and beside after hours sharpened words...old sorrows, like dogs, are roving all night around.

MOONDOG Jr were: Stef K.Carlens(guit/piano/percussion/voc) - Aarich Jespers(drums/pipes) - Tom Pintens(guit/harmonium/piano/clarinette/voc) - Benjamin Boutreur(sax) - Thomas De Smet(upright bass).



Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this lovely album in ages! Thanks

Joost (Amsterdam) said...

Could you replace the dead link please? Thanks in advance! Would love the hear this album once again :)

paramo said...

i 've reuped it, my friend.

Joost (Amsterdam) said...

Thanks so much my friend!!
Really really much appreciated! :)