Sep 12, 2008

LOUNGE LIZARDS "No pain for cakes" (US,1987)

John Lurie`s LOUNGE LIZARDS is one of the most eclectic avant jazz bands came out of the no wave period from NY scene. New York though, is here only the departure point to a journey that passes from New Orleans, East Europe, Cuba, South America... meeting free jazz, rock, funk, latin, tango, avant garde, film soundtracks... NO PAIN FOR CAKES second studio LP, moved away from dry, noir-ish sound of their classic debut, to embrace a wider spectre of moods & influences.
Recorded in the end of 1986 and the contributing musicians were: John Lurie (alto sax), Evan Lurie (voc, piano), Marc Ribot (cornet, banjo, guit), Eric Sanko (bass), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Roy Nathanson(reeds), Dougie Brown (drums), E.J. Rodrigues (percussion), Anders Gaardmand (baritone sax), Jill Jaffe (violin).

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