Sep 7, 2008

SHINY GNOMES "Wild Spells" (GER, 1986)

Couple in life & art FIT & LIMO have been making music since late 70`s. As a result of their early amateurish explorations they released various tapes of naive, folk-pop-punk mixtures. They attracted some small attention and finally they made under moniker SHINY GNOMES (while the EP "Sexmaniac" had just released from Glitterhouse) their first LP, a quite influenced by archetypes (early Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground a.o.) psych-garage-punk work, so fresh though, so subterranean, so live powered and heady that it got easily (beyond revivalism rejections) a position among the most genuine psych documents of 80`s.
After "Wild Spells", Stefan "Limo" Lienemann and Mrs Fit cultivated much further their mind effecting activities. Under various monikers (Pure Luege, Shiny Gnomes, Fit & Limo, Discolor, Welttraumservice, The God Box, ), they have released numerous garage, psych, world folk, space, electronica works, expanding towards both past & future their still juvenile forced world.

Wild Spells (35mb)

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