Sep 19, 2008

PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE "Co znamena vesti kone" (CZE,1981)

Dynamic and perfectly balanced between song structures and freeform inclinations, "Co Znamena Vesti Kone" ("What Leading Horses Means") unfolds with a ceremonial way its great sound pallette of fierce avant jazz-rock, traditional folk echoes, wild lamentations, long shades and metaphysical chillings. Possessing whatever it needs to lead incontrolable forces, this album lives at the sharp edge of intense moments and risky decisions. It leaves behind a taste of condensed powers saving their breath for a final burst which it may not come. Last station of the trip,"Osip". Eleven eternal minutes in honour of the great Osip Mandelstam.
"Co Znamena Vesti Kone" played live in March of 1981, recorded officially few days later, and ignited further controversies between PPOTU and czech regime.


Anonymous said...

One of the very best albums by PPU.

Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is SOOOO incredibly hard find!! Thank you so very much!!

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