Sep 26, 2008

ALAIN ECKERT QUARTET self titled (FRA, 1981)

ALAIN ECKERT was the guitarist of ART ZOYD at the period 1976-81, participating in some of band`s masterworks like "SYMPHONIE POUR LE JOUR..." and "GENERATION SANS FUTUR". His quartet comprises ALAIN LECOINTRE (Navadati) on bass, PATRICIA DALLIO (Art Zoyd) on keyboards and SERGE BRINGOLF (Strave) on drums. They play a jazz prog fusion with many, as you may have guessed, classical, postclassical and improv influences. Compositions are build on complexity, inventiveness, imagination and the superb abilities of the musicians for precise, difficult, adventurous playing. Plenty of times electric side of album is quite earthed, and despite the absence of horns, violins, cellos etc... there is a superior acoustic sense prevailing due to the pure excellence of inspired piano & classical guitar contributions.
Very fine and rare work, recommended to avant garde/avant fusion fans... a must for those who need to add to their ART ZOYD family or ART ZOYD like catalogue more extraordinary releases.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fantasic! I have been looking for this for years. Thank you! You made my day!

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