Sep 15, 2008

THE CHUD "Silhouettes of Sound" (GER, 1986)

Rare, ultra subterranean, organ driven, garage psych debut LP from Berlin timehole diggers, THE CHUD. They acted second half of 80`s, and made one more LP called "Mirage".

Silhouettes of sound are neanderthal-comets-dwellers which came from "lands of milk and honey" to give genre insiders enough of what they need.


Anonymous said...


I own this record and I can confirm the tracklist is complete.
Thank you so much for posting this, I haven't heard it in years (due to lack of record player). Brilliant blog.

Stathis said...


can you please repost this LP?

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

paramo said...

a new link is on now