Sep 17, 2008

MINIMAL MAN " The Shroud of " (US,1981)

Classic debut from avant-postpunk-industrial band, formed in San Francisco (1979) by visual artist and musician PATRICK MILLER (1952-2003) who started MINIMAL MAN intending at first to make music for his film experimentations. Patrick Miller pushed punk /DIY attitude to industrial-experimental extremes drawing grey environments and hostile situations that lead people to wildness, poorness or madness. His spoken words, wild screams and mournful murmurs fill the noise-crossed spaces with the sad, violent, desperate echo of efforts for surviving. Despite of its raw character, Miller`s music reflects a sensitive spirit, a high artistic instinct and also hides some hope. "THE SHROUD OF", whose front cover was painted by Miller himshelf, was followed by a second LP, SAFARI (1983), before Miller`s relocation to Belgium, where he was related with Tuxedomoon and released four more LPs. Early 90`s Miller returned to USA, giving though, no further music documents of his persona of "minimal man".
This post is for his memory and comprises the 13 tracks of the original release. A quite recent reissue of the album includes 5 extras (singles, live...).


Anonymous said...

One of my favorites.........a great

Thank YOU!!!


Steve said...

I Remember Patrick well,he was great fun to work with (except when on drugs)Inspireing Energy,and yes Sensitive in the Soul.

Unknown said...

No need to 'post' the album. True fans buy music.

Ricardo said...

thanks for this, and fuck you unknown!